10 Quick Tips to Increase Direct Hotel Bookings

A quick overview of the various ways you can increase direct hotel bookings.

Be data driven.

The amount of data generated daily is a significant resource in making decisions. You can research this data to derive insights on ‘who is your ideal customer’ and ‘how to attract the ideal customer’. For more information read our blog ‘How to attract the ideal customer’.

Have a user-friendly website.

To make a great first impression, have a user friendly website with descriptive content, curated media and your unique value proposition. At the same time ensure your site is mobile friendly as many bookings are carried out using smartphones.

Provide direct online bookings.

A booking engine on your website can make it easier for customers to make direct bookings. In addition, you must provide the user a quick and easy way to carry out their online bookings and remove unnecessary barriers. Direct hotel bookings are easiest to make online, so help your customers.

Offer additional value to regular customers.

Add value such as discounts or benefits to ensure loyalty and good word of mouth from your regular customers. Furthermore, a price comparison with your listings on OTA websites must ensure your website pricing is not at a disadvantage. This will generate more regular direct hotel bookings from guests who keep coming back.

Effectively use social media to drive direct sales.

Social media has been adopted by hotels in the wake of millennials’ usage and interaction. The potential of influence and positive word of mouth will help your hotel attain more custom, hence, providing an easy route to send customers directly to the hotel website for bookings. Moreover, traffic from social media will improve your hotel’s online search ranking. Read more about it onHotels effective use of social media helps reduce OTA commissions’.

Create videos.

Video is one of the most popular forms of media used. This specifically holds true when Youtube revealed their site is the second most used engine for search. If the users like what they see they are highly likely to keep your site saved to revisit again. A new, popular feature on Instagram lets you create photo sequences that expire in 24 hours, which provides a new flavour of videos.

Use user-generated content.

Another way to appeal to customers is by measure of authenticity. When customers are able to view other users having a good time at your venue, it enhances their imagination and ‘must have’ factor. Adding user generated content to your website or social networks provides social proof and increases customer conversions at the same time .

Hire influencers to target different demographics.

You can use influencers to get relevant traffic onto your website. Influencers are potential brand advocates and help hotels target the different demographics that follow them. To collaborate with Influencers use our Swayy platform to choose influencers that are best for your brand.

Provide ways for customers to reach out to the hotel.

Providing customers a way to reach out to the hotel quickly with a short waiting period leaves a good impression. This can be done via email, phone or having a customer representative available for chat on the website. The point is to be accessible anytime for your customers.

Direct Hotel Bookings and Influencer Marketing

Influencer tips with @swayy.me

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