The 5 Steps for Finding the Right Influencer for your Property

As a hotel that is trying to gain media attention, you could not beat the exposure that hosting a celebrity would give. Most well-known hotels and resorts regularly have celebrities stay with them, therefore giving the rest of the public the confidence that they can trust to have a great experience at that property.

Influencers are today’s form of ‘celebrity’ and therefore mastering the power of influencer marketing can have just as many benefits for your property as would hosting a Hollywood actor.

Many properties stay away from influencer marketing as they have either had a bad experience with it or are unsure of how it works. Once you find the right influencer for your property, the potential of benefits is huge. So here are 5 steps that can help you find the right influencer for your property.

  1. Set your hotel marketing goals

Hosting an influencer can be a great tool for exposure, however, it doesn’t suit every hotel’s business goal. If your property is looking for an immediate increase in sales, influencer marketing may not be the best avenue to go down as it may take some time to generate and interest from the influencer’s followers. If instead, you are aiming to boost awareness of your property or a service provided by your property, influencer marketing is a great option.

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  1. Pitch your Property effectively

Although it’s very important to find the right influencer for you, it is just as important for the influencer to find the right property for them to work for. It is, therefore, crucial for you to accurately portray your property’s brand to attract relevant influencers.

Don’t be afraid to say exactly what you are looking for in an influencer collaboration, and what they should expect upon staying at your property. This will help establish trust between you and the influencer, hence motivating them to create great content for your property.

  1. Consider the Influencer’s personal brand and affiliations

Every influencer will have their own personal ‘brand’ or ‘message’ that they share with their followers and makes them unique. When companies identify with the influencer’s brand, they will be motivated to collaborate.

You, therefore, have to identify what brand you are looking to represent with your property and target influencers that work with companies with similar values. This is very important to gain trust from the influencer’s followers as they are more likely to identify with a business that aligns with the influencer’s brand.

  1. Examine the influencers reach

This is key to make sure your marketing campaign is effective at reaching an audience however it can be a misleading affair due to the issue of fake followers. This is where a tool like Swayy comes into use.

Once an influencer applies to Swayy they are assessed for:

  • Fake followers
  • Ownership of account
  • Influencer’s leisure expertise and credibility
  • Engagement and reach
  • Relevance – which country they are from
  • Feedback score from other properties

Using these key metrics, you can be sure that all approved influencers are reliable and professional individuals. After signing up, properties can easily and quickly make a decision on which influencer they would like to work with and contact them through Swayy.

  1. Look through their past content

So, let’s say you have taken every step so far and you have found yourself the perfect influencer, congrats! At this point, it is very important that you have a good dig through their previous content that they have produced for other properties. Only by doing this can you determine if this influencer will represent your property well.

Before agreeing to host an influencer at your property make sure you have a clear and honest conversation about exactly how many images/videos you want the influencer to produce. Try and understand what their photography process is, for example, they may need to be accompanied by someone who takes the pictures of them, in which case you are hosting not one but two people.

If their content is of especially good quality, you could ask the influencer to let you use some of their content as marketing material for the property. To sum up, the better you communicate with the influencer, the more likely you are to get exactly what you are looking for.

If you are hotel looking for a successful influencer collaboration, sign up with Swayy today or read more about influencer marketing on our website.