The ABCs of Instagram Marketing

Nowadays almost everybody uses social media networks. It is known that 1 out of 5 minutes on a mobile phone is spent on Facebook and Instagram. So why not take advantage of this and promote your business on these platforms? Instagram is the fastest growing social media channel, with over 800 million active users and 100 million new ones every six months. So, using Instagram to market your brand will help your business reach new audiences in no time.

Instagram marketing is the way businesses use the photo and video sharing app in order to connect with their target audience, increase brand awareness and encourage social engagement from customers with the help of influencers.

Influencers, sometimes known as content creators, are people who have managed to attract a huge online number of followers. This is often through their social media profiles, but many of them write popular blogs as well. They become extremely successful because of the way they choose to share their lives with their loyal and engaged followers. What’s the value? Well, they create content that inspires a purchases. Simple as that.

Older forms of online marketing are becoming increasingly unpopular, with ad-blocking software becoming more and more prevalent. Consumers do not want banner ads and pop-ups interrupting them when they read articles or watch videos online. Instagram marketing comes naturally from people who already have a loyal and engaged audience, without ads screaming in your face.

How to get started on Instagram marketing?

In the hospitality sector, Swayy’s platform can help you to start connecting with Instagram influencers. Swayy is the industry’s leading online influencer booking campaign and relationship management tool. It helps you find, book, work with, keep in touch with and evaluate influencers based on your own experience.

One thing you should watch out for while trying to find influencers is fake followers, which means that they will not produce any form of engagement. Using Swayy will prevent this from being an issue in your campaigns as our tool only matches brands with pre-vetted, approved influencers.

Always make sure the influencer you choose to work with fits the image and values of your brand, and check their posts to see if they have any previous collaborations, how successful they were and how much engagement they created.

If you’re just starting to use Instagram and you want to gain followers, you have to begin by following as many accounts that interest you as possible. This way, not only will you get followers in return, but you’ll get more likes as well. Another easy and quick way to increase your follower count is by using hashtags like a pro. These can help you find other people’s posts in a specific niche, location, theme, or industry, and accounts with a shared interest.

To search for a topic, add this symbol, “#”, followed by the word or phrase you’re looking to find. In the tags section on the search page, you will then be able to see all the content posted within that topic. For example, if you type #swayyinfluencer onto Instagram’s search page, you will see all of our posts created for the @swayy.me profile.

Even though hashtags help you get a lot of followers, try not to use more than 15-20 per post as they can make it hard for the reader to get the message and they will become meaningless.

Try to make your Instagram page appealing to the public, especially to teenagers and young adults. Don’t focus too much on editing your photos, instead use only one or two filters that you like. This way, your page will look organised and fresh.  Also, try to arrange your posts in such a way they coordinate with each other either by colour or theme.

What are the benefits of using Instagram Marketing?

Usually, Instagram influencers run successful blogs as well, so getting in touch with them in order to promote your venue might be the best way to start your Instagram marketing strategy. They can promote your brand to a large number of people who trust their opinions and recommendations.

Collaborating with influencers can help you reach specific audiences, increase brand awareness and direct booking sales. According to JB Media Group, more than 120 million users visited a website, called, emailed or direct messaged to learn about a business based on an Instagram post. Working with the right influencer, who fits with your brand, will definitely have positive results.

Influencers not only know how to take amazing photos for your venue which you can re-use for other parts of your marketing mix (email marketing, Facebook ads, Google retargetting ads, website content etc), but they also know how to make their captions appealing. Being aware of their audience, they know how to put their message into words in such a way that people engage with it.

So, all you need in order to get started with Instagram marketing is a phone and the app. Try to keep in mind using hashtags and following as many similar accounts as possible in order to grow your Instagram presence in no time. Likewise, look for influencers who might fit your brand and connect with them. You might want to do this by using our platform, Swayy as this assures you of pre-vetted influencers and you can see other collaborations they had. This helps you make your decision easier.

Legal Influencer Marketing

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