Finding your market

Research shows that hotels who build communities through an Influencer/Influencers who are not necessarily celebrities are experiencing growth in guest numbers (the 3 C’s of Influencer Marketing: content, community, commerce). Do you use Influencers who aren’t celebrities?

Absolutely. In fact, we prefer normal people who travel a lot or leisure/lifestyle Influencers who have followers interested in travelling because celebrities will have many followers who are not relevant to our business. See “Who are the Influencers on Swayy”.

How do the Influencers you’ve worked with build a community around your hotel?

By sharing images of our cosy, unique, artistic hotel. This builds a rapport between us and the Influencer’s followers before they even walk through the door. This sense of familiarity and connectedness starts the relationship so when they visit the venue, instead of starting from scratch, we just need to build on that relationship. Customers who visit us also tend to be more satisfied because they know exactly what experience they’re going to get.

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Influencing the Influencer

Do you edit your Influencers’ content?  If so, how do you approach them about editing?

Hardly ever. The whole point is that it’s supposed to be authentic. It’s how the Influencer sees your venue. They know the best way to portray our key USP: being a historic and homely hotel based in the heart of London – with a flare of art. 

Do you have any agreement with your Influencers on posting?

We don’t, simply because we don’t have the resources to continually send our bespoke agreements to Influencers who all want different things. In reality, are you ever going to enforce it? No…so we think looking after the Influencer and building a rapport with them goes much further!

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How quickly did you experience positive results when you began using Influencers?

Quite quickly. It helped that we actively managed our own Instagram page to capture all the traffic Influencers were sending our way. We know this is a long term process, not a short term quick fix, and now after approximately 18 months the results are very strong.

The Results?

What have the long – term results been?

Increased bookings by approximately 14%. We’ve reached millions of people interested in travel and leisure. Brand awareness has therefore rocketed, triggering media interest in our small, humble family business!

How exactly do you track returns on your investment in Influencer Marketing?

We use tracking links which we give to Influencers. We also use specific promotional codes e.g. Xenia10 for certain Influencers to share on their pages to promote special deals. That code e.g. was used to promote a 10% flash sale off all rooms for 24 hours.

If so, do you track results yourself or do you use a software program or marketing agency?

Marketing agencies can’t track anymore than we can. Software programmes are limited by Instagram’s API access and privacy rules. Accordingly, there’s only so much info anyone can obtain. Swayy has helped us greatly with the tracking process.

What value have Influencers added to your business?

More exposure, more bookings, better brand awareness, more press interest. It’s been wonderful given that we’re such small business without the big marketing budget of the big chains.

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