Encountering and Resolving Issues with Influencer Marketing

What issues did you encounter with the way you ran your Influencer marketing campaign?


  1. Time to negotiate with every Influencer, one by one
  2. Finding that Influencers have fake followers
  3. Influencers are not doing what they said they would do
  4. Influencers cancelling last minute


How did you overcome those issues? 

We started using Swayy. (See How Swayy Works) They have found solutions to the problems we encountered. Furthermore, they really get how we operate.    

  1. This saved us time and hassle. Additionally, it enabled us to control what the Influencers were doing. 
  1. All the Influencers on Swayy are run through their Fake Follower detection system. Consequently this ensures you’re working with Influencers with real followers. 
  1. If Influencers didn’t post what they said they would, then we just reject their Job Completion request. We then tell them to do it again. They can’t be paid until they’ve done their Job so nearly all get it right first time. 
  1. Influencers also know that cancelling last minute will affect their Feedback Score so again, the number of cancellations has decreased significantly. As a result, this has helped us manage occupancy more effectively.

Incentives Offered to Influencers

How do you incentivize the Influencers you work with

4 incentives (in order of priority): 

  1. The quality of the experience we can offer them.
  2. The opportunity to work with us to boost their own individual brands.
  3. Payment.
  4. Free Rooms.

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Which Influencers were the most effective?

Those with the most followers engaged in travel, city travel, London specifically, and from countries within a 3 hour flight.

Which are the best ones to work with?

Most of all, Influencers who really understand what our business is about because this helps them get that message across effectively to all their followers in an authentic way. 

Do you have any additional advice for other marketing managers who are newcomers to the Influencer Marketing industry?

Learn from us, trying to do Influencer Marketing manually and don’t waste your money on expensive PR agencies.

Now you’ve seen the advice from successful managers.  Swayy helps you manage your marketing!

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