How to Take Amazing Instagram Influencer Shots

Five Top Tips for Instagram Success

In order to become a successful Instagram influencer, you have to make sure that the content you create is the best it can possibly be. Not only will it benefit you and your page, but it will also make businesses more likely to pick you out as a representative. High quality content is the easiest way to secure listings and the attention of venues. To help you up your game, here are a few simple but effective tips:

1. Research

The best Instagram influencer photos will seem both natural and fit with the aesthetic of the brand they’re promoting. Put time into researching a venue before you take a shot for them – try to produce content which complements what the brand already has on their own medias. This can be as simple as looking for common colour schemes: is the brand going for a classy, fun, elegant, or summer vibe? Matching the tone and theme of your content to theirs immediately improves your chances of being approved.

Don’t forget to think about what kind of hashtags would best apply to your post. Ask yourself: is there is any kind of variation on a regular photograph which I can offer them? Images which blur the boundary between video and photo often add a new twist to an established theme. Stop-motion and boomerangs, for example, are both very popular and engaging. Breaking out of the mould shows that you have put the time and effort into thinking about what would best suit a brand.

2. Composition

The smallest things can often make the greatest difference. Make sure, for example, to place a subject at the centre of your shot. A lot of the time this is the Instagram influencer themselves! Even if it’s only a silhouette, people make the most interesting subjects. Make sure to mix up what kinds of shots you are producing – a constant stream of selfies won’t make the cut.

Make sure to also do small things like fill the frame properly. Keep in mind that your photo will most likely be viewed on a phone or tablet, so make the most of screen space. Whilst small details can be beautiful, avoid photographs which rely on them. If you stop too much context seeping into the frame and instead focus on balancing it with content, the photo will automatically engage people more.

Making an interesting image also boosts its quality – focus on unique perspectives, lighting or symmetry where you can. The last thing you want to do is bore the viewer: strong colours, shapes and lines make powerful images. Try to train yourself to see these even in everyday life. If you’re looking for inspiration, check out our Instagram for examples of brilliant composition!

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3. Lighting

Wherever possible, use natural lighting. The highest quality images are the ones which pay close attention to lighting, and low quality content is easy to spot in a sea of potential Instagram influencers. Most of the time, early mornings, late afternoons and overcast days are the best times for setting up a shoot.

It can also be a good idea to avoid over-editing or over-filtering – if an image isn’t up to scratch, it doesn’t matter how many filters you put on it! This may sound obvious, but use your eyes before you try the lens. Take time to really look at what is in front of you and good lighting will likely present itself.

4. Product placement

Positioning the brand or venue first and foremost is the easiest way to make sure it gets proper attention. Blurring the background and avoiding any other products allows you to authentically represent a brand. Make your recommendation is as authentic as possible, and it will come across in your content.

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Unmissable product placement @swayy.me

A clear point of interest is one of the easiest ways to establish focus in a photo. The best images will have a few points of interest without being cluttered by them; photographs which tell a story are naturally the most interesting. Try to establish a moment within the photo, whether it is a stationary, emotional or peak moment one. Keeping the image clean means that a viewer’s eye will be drawn straight to a product without room for distraction.

5. Captions and spellcheck

A good caption can make a post. If done right, captions can generate audience engagement and follower growth. Keeping it simple and authentic helps a lot – the caption should, above all, represent you. You can read more on our blog on how to write a great caption.

And though it may sound obvious, go over your spelling and grammar as many times as is necessary for you to be absolutely sure that it’s right. Not only does this make it easier for brands to approve your content, but it also reflects well on your social media overall. If you’re looking for some more caption tips, read more here!

Instagram Influencer Photo Tips


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NB: The images in this blog by @swayy.me are re-grams of Influencer images and credit goes to them accordingly. 


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