AR/VR/Live video: are they worth the hype?

Technology is constantly evolving, and marketing has to evolve with it. AR, VR, and Live video are the latest technologies to hit the scene. They are interactive, as well as immersive, and will change the face of marketing. But are they really worth the hype?

AR- what is it?

AR, or Augmented Reality, is the integration of digital information with a user’s environment in real time. Basically, it uses the existing environment of a user and overlays new images on top of it: think the dancing hotdog on Snapchat.

But how can we use AR in our marketing strategies?

AR is surprisingly easy to integrate into marketing strategies. It is used a lot on social media- Snapchat filters are a demonstration of AR. It is now simpler than ever to create a lens on Instagram or Snapchat. Simply create your lens and upload it to a social media platform. Smartphones can then use real-time face tracking and 3D rendering to allow users the freedom to use this new technology. It is an immersive and creative new way to get your audience to engage with your product.

What’s the catch?

AR is a great way to get an audience engaging with your product, but this does come with consequences, as AR uses a user’s real environment, so it is very easy to become immersed in the situation. This can cause harm to the person using the equipment and could end in a serious accident. One of the simplest examples of this would be the accidents that occurred when Pokemon go was first released on 6THJuly 2016.

Is it worth the hype?

Absolutely. AR is engaging, interactive, and inclusive. Your audience can enjoy AR marketing strategies alone or with friends. Additionally, it’s easy to integrate into any marketing strategy and is set to become one of the biggest technological advances. A research conducted by Consultancy UK in 2018 forecasted that AR will have a global market of $117.40 billion by 2022, thus demonstrating its global popularity.

VR- what is it?

VR, or Virtual Reality, has a similar concept to AR. However, using computer technology, a completely new environment is created that places the user inside the experience and gives them a 3D world to explore.

But how can we use VR in our marketing strategies?

Say you want to advertise a new hotel room. Well, imagine if you could transport your audience there in an instant. Give them a headset and let them explore. Like AR, VR is immersive and will let your audience experience your new hotel room without having to make the journey.

What’s the catch?

The main issue with VR is that it isn’t easily available on smartphones. Because you have to wear a headset to get the VR experience, consumers would have to own a headset to experience your marketing strategy easily. Additionally, VR is not an inclusive strategy. Because only one person can wear a headset at a time the experience loses its ability to be shared by groups of friends. However, this can be remedied by attaching headsets together.

Is it worth the hype?

VR may be slightly more difficult to navigate than AR but it is most definitely a useful marketing tool. Having the ability to transport your audience to your destination without having them physically travel is undoubtedly useful in showing them what your hotel can offer.

Live video – what is it?

Live Video is the act of streaming a situation live on a platform – most commonly used on social media. The quality of the content is deduced from the production value and its relevance. Good live videos are achieved by either high quality or relevant content. Take Snapchat as an example- the production quality isn’t particularly good. However, the relevancy of the content people produce is high because stories are posted to an individual person or group.

But how can I use Live video in our marketing strategies?

Live video is arguably the easiest technology to incorporate into your marketing strategies. With Instagram now including Instagram videos where you can create pre-recorded, as well as live, videos, it is easier than ever to incorporate new technology into your marketing strategies.

What’s the catch?

The issue with live videos is that they are not pre-recorded, therefore cannot be viewed at a later date. However, if you are using Instagram videos you can now add live videos to Story Highlights. This keeps your videos saved on your profile to be re-watched whenever needed.

Is it worth the hype?

Absolutely. Not only is Instagram Live rapidly emerging a global social trend, It’s the easiest new technology to use and is the least costly.

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