How to Attract the Ideal Customer to Your Hotel

Where do you start?

Before you reach out to an Influencer to promote your brand to a hotel customer, you need to figure out:

1) who your ideal hotel customer is (and when we say ‘ideal’, we mean the one most aligned with your brand, someone who has purchasing power); and

2) select an on brand Influencer, who can attract those customers to your site.

To help you define your customer more scientifically, you should undertake some customer profiling. 

Let’s explore this in a little more detail:

Why do you need to define the ideal customer for your hotel?

This step is crucial if you want to send a message directly to your target market. The effects of skipping this step can be explained using this simple example: on your hotel website, your advertising efforts when un-targeted, increase your website traffic but at the same time your bounce rate increases (bounce rate = the percentage of visitors that enter and exit the site without going through the content). A higher rate indicates a higher number of visitors leaving the website in a matter of seconds, leaving you with negligible potential conversions and poor ROI. These are unlikely to be people in your target market because your offering is not suited to them.

On the other hand, you can effectively use many resources once a customer profile is identified. This allows you to target their audience niche specifically. Similarly, defining your ideal hotel customer, allows you to allocate resources to certain segments in order to achieve a better ROI.

What is a customer profile and how can you create one for your hotel?

A hotel customer profile is a quick summary and grouping of the different characteristics of customers leading to the creation of identifiable market segments. Once the segments are classified, marketing efforts can be optimised and directed to each segment for maximum effectiveness.

To create these profiles you need data such as:

Demographics: age, gender, income level, family status, profession and location

Psychographics: attitude, tastes, values and lifestyle choices

Behaviour: similar likes or dislikes, sports and hobbies

This data can be collected in different ways, and every point of interaction with customers can be an opportunity to provide some valuable data. Here are just a few:

  • Interaction with customers during their stay at check in or check out
  • Social media interactions
  • Journey through your hotel website
  • Feedback surveys left in rooms
  • Online research and reviews left by customers
  • Just talking to customers

You can draw many conclusions once you have collected all of this information. Relevant segments can then be created to provide an insight as to how customers can be influenced in their online journey. Our blog on how travellers plan their trips can arm you with further tools to understand the customer’s online journey.

Swayy and the Ideal Hotel Customer

Influencer marketing @swayy.me

How do you select your ideal hotel influencer using this information?

Once you have profiled your customers, there are still many decisions you need to make.

Firstly, a marketing plan needs to identify a customer segment’s aspirational choices on the basis of the different characteristics mentioned above. Most likely, they already follow Influencers based on those choices, on different media sites or they subscribe to the Influencer’s online content. Your ideal Influencer is also quite similar to your ideal customer but may have some additional skillsets. They have the potential to be your brand advocates.  

When choosing an influencer, you should evaluate things like:

  • Whether the influencers fit with your brand and values.
  • What their online reach is like, and what kind of segments they cater to, to make sure they align with your target market (e.g. location, age, audience size).
  • How often they create content, engage with their followers, and whether they have the ability to deliver your campaign.

These things tell you how appealing your campaign will be to your ideal hotel customer.

Influencers and the ideal hotel customer


How can Swayy help?

Swayy, as the leading hotel Influencer and Instagram marketing platform, connects you with the Influencer community and eliminates your pain points on dealing with Influencers. Swayy’s various key metrics help you make informed decisions in choosing your ideal Influencers. The Swayy platform will provide you with complete control to manage all Influencer based activity in order to find:

  • relevant
  • targeted
  • pre-vetted brand ambassadors for the hotel’s target market starting at a fraction of the cost of one of the hotel’s most basic rooms.

Influencer marketing @swayy.me

If you want to discuss or try out our flexible packages, you can sign up with Swayy today. Or, contact us directly on +442038088385.


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