What should businesses be expecting from social media marketing?

We all know how beneficial Social Media Marketing has become over the last couple of years for the hospitality industry. Let’s have a look at some of the ways social media helps your hotel or venue:

1. Word of mouth

Whether you choose to work with influencers or on your own, getting the word out is one of the biggest strengths social media has. People post, like, comment and share their opinions with their friends and family. Being present on social media, especially Instagram, is going to help your venues target different audiences, engage in conversations with your current customers and create engaging content that is going to help you bring new ones.

Influencers or content creators already have an engaged and loyal following. With their help, you can target specific audiences and increase brand awareness. Make sure that the person you choose to work with fits with your brand image and values.

2. Social media is popular—really popular— and its users are active

Always take advantage of social media platforms and their features. One out of 5 minutes spent online is either on Instagram or Facebook. Both social media platforms have different features that can be used for your business’s benefit such as live streaming, stories, tags, locations, etc.

Ask your customers to share their thoughts and ideas through the Live Streaming feature on Instagram or encourage them to ask questions on your Instagram Stories. You can reply just as fast helping them with their enquiries as well as creating more personal relationships with them.

What should you be expecting from social media marketing in 2019?

  1. 1. You should expect more from influencers

Influencer marketing is one of the most powerful tools in the industry. Influencers can create engaging content for their audience anytime. They have the power and social media skills necessary to do this in an organic, authentic way.

Anyway, because of the huge amount of “wanna-be” influencers, it’s hard for hotels or venues to find the right fit for their brand as they don’t know who they will work with. This is why, as a hotel or venue, you should make your goals clear from the beginning of the collaboration. Influencers should create the content promised and it must generate engagement from the audience. If they do not meet your requirements, you can always choose to work with another content creator who is willing to meet your expectations.

  1. 2. Videos

Videos are extremely popular these days. More and more social media platforms are beginning to support video formats, including Instagram. Likewise, they killed social media captions. Why would you spend time on coming up with the perfect caption when you can share your ideas, information or events with the help of videos?

Apparently live content interacts with audiences six times faster, making them develop more personal relationships with your brand as well. Try and make your videos as interactive and engaging as possible. While creating the videos, keep in mind the platform you are going to use for sharing it. Instagram only allows you to share one-minute videos but it lets you post up to 10 videos in a single post.

  1. 3. Move on from millennials

Millennials continue to be one of the most important demographics for hotels and venues to target but 2019 marks a big milestone as the earliest members of Generation Z are now entering the workforce.

They are the people who were born and raised during the technology revolution. Growing up with smartphones and tablets, it comes as no surprise that social media is their “go-to” for every question they might have. That also includes planning and booking trips.

As a hotelier, you should take advantage of social media platforms such as Instagram. Moreover, it’s the fastest growing up with over 800 million active users under the age of 35. Post as much visual content as you can, comment and like your current customer’s photos, encourage them to tag your hotel/ venue in their snapshots so that other people see it too, etc. In other words, be active and engaged on your social media channels as this will bring more Generation Z customers to your hotel/ venue.

  1. 4. Adapt and change

Social media trends come and go and it’s our responsibility to keep up with them. It’s almost impossible to predict what the future holds for social media channels. With the sheer amount of competition, it is up to you to read more about trends and inform yourself about new technologies.

Post high-quality visual content, get in touch with influencers if you think they might help your hotel or venue, go live and engage in conversations with your followers and listen to their opinions. These are just a few ways you can make sure you are not going to lose your current customers and ways to bring in new ones.


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