How to establish an Instagram aesthetic

Instagram plays host to 1 billion monthly active users. Every day 4.2 billion likes are given out by avid users. Instagram has created the perfect marketing opportunity for both brands and influencers. However, as a result of the high number of users, it is becoming increasingly difficult to get your profile noticed. This is why your aesthetic is more important now than ever before. So, here are four tips on how to establish your Instagram aesthetic:

1. Determine your target audience.

Before you begin to grow your Instagram audience, you need to define who it is. What type of people is your content going to appeal to? It’s only once you’ve defined this that you can start creating content. Remember: you want your content to be engaging. You want people to keep scrolling through your feed. TheSlowTraveler is the perfect example of an influencer who knows their audience. This summer she travelled around the UK and took stunning photographs of the places she stayed. However, she is not just an influencer, but a photographer as well. In the captions of her content, she provides her audience with photography tips and general commentary on skills she has learnt. This defines her audience as budding photographers and influencers, as well as people interested in travel. To get a better understanding of who your audience is, look at your Instagram insights.

@theslowtraveler gives useful commentary about photography in her content.

2. Know your brand identity.

Knowing your identity is vital when becoming an Instagram influencer. You need to ask yourself`: What values do you hold? The reason that Instagram is so successful is because you can instantly show your audience who you are via your photos. Kelly Lack, for example, has an incredibly strong understanding of what her brand’s identity is. Her content shows the beautiful locations that she has travelled to but rarely features herself. She focuses on showing her audience beautiful buildings to visit. This means that if her audience is travelling to a location that she has been to before then they will more than likely use her Instagram feed for suggestions on nice places to visit. This is how you begin to establish your brand identity. You want your audience to seek out your profile for a certain reason, be that travel inspiration or beauty tips.

@Kellyalack has a very strong Instagram aesthetic.

3. Choose a colour palette

Part of establishing your Instagram aesthetic is defining a colour palette. If you can stick to one consistent colour palette it will make your feed cohesive and more enjoyable for your audience to view. Your colour palette should reflect the values you want your Instagram account to hold. Loic Lagarde uses warm colours on his Instagram feed to reflect the joyous moments he has while travelling the world. His photos contain strong yellows, oranges, and reds, which makes his content very appealing and “scroll-worthy”. His 137,000 followers are proof of this.

@loic.lagarde uses warm colours in his Instagram photos.

4. Create a story with your content

The most influential and compelling content on Instagram tells a story. Influencers are trying to sell themselves via social media and the stronger their Instagram aesthetic, the better. However, Instagram isn’t just about posting pretty images. You need to make an emotional connection with your audience that keeps them wanting to come back and view your profile. Creating narratives to go with your content is the easiest way to create this connection. Nomadicmatt perfectly captures this concept with his content. He posts beautiful images from locations he has visited but writes narratives in the captions of his photos. These narratives are mostly personal stories and anecdotes from his experiences in the settings shown. This creates a more personal relationship with his audience who are therefore more likely to continue scrolling through his feed.

@nomadicmatt always has a compelling narrative to go along with his photos.


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