How to Globally Scale Influencer Marketing

 How to use a global influencer database

Social media and Instagram influencers can often seem like a highly localised way of marketing. Hotels and travel businesses can, however, build systems strong enough to scale influencer marketing globally. With the right focus, digital marketing can be flexible enough to target different audiences. With a large enough influencer database, businesses can also keep their interests broad enough to optimise investments. Thankfully we have more than just a huge database of relevant, pre-vetted travel influencers. Our tool helps you manage the entire collaboration process, but, you’ve got to start somewhere…

Why should hotel businesses scale an influencer database to market internationally?

There is an increasing need for hotel and hospitality businesses to stay on top of social media. Both online travel agencies and holiday rentals such as Airbnb are competing with businesses for attention. Influencer marketing offers a unique chance to keep ahead of the crowd. Meliá Hotels, for example, answered this with a focus on consistent, quality influencer content. Meliá divided their influencers into three stages: ‘identified’, ‘engaged’ and ‘advocates’. They also keep track of around 900 relevant influencers. Of these, around 150 are actively engaged and a further 75 are advocates. This strategy shows how influencer personas work: by stating the ideal age, interests and reach of an influencer, businesses can scale their marketing strategies internationally. They can easily expand campaigns because of their established influencer database.

What are the most important factors in achieving this?

First, authenticity. You can only scale influencer marketing globally if it looks organic. In order for social media adverts to scale well, the values of the brand must match with those of the influencer. Especially with art and culture-based influencers, an audience can easily tell when content is prompted rather than natural. If the content produced does not feel organic, the scale on which it is broadcasted ultimately does not matter.

In order for audience engagement to successfully grow beyond a localised scale, businesses should search for influencers with organic content and mid-sized audiences. A well-rounded influencer database is better than one with no variation. Although social media celebrities with millions of followers may seem ideal for marketing campaigns, people are much more likely to trust an influencer in whom they feel personally invested. The content produced by these people will ultimately lead to greater engagement and return-on-investment.

Influencer Database and Marketing

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Similarly, a centralised strategy allows businesses to spread geographically whilst relying on specialised PR and social media agencies like Swayy. Businesses can set aside a central influencer budget for travelling, hosting and other related expenses and easily expand to make influencer campaigns. In addition, this means businesses can develop a long-term relationship with specific influencers. A long-running, scaling Instagram influencer campaign will do better in the long run than an immediate and momentary advertisement to huge, uninterested audiences.

How can I see any international results?

Make sure to check the returns on influencer marketing. This is the key to increasing the scale of influencer campaigns. Through a data-driven approach, businesses can see which content has worked best and seen the most engagement. You can then compare different social media platforms and different influencers. By tracking these factors, businesses can find the perfect match between their brand and the many potential social media influencers available. Remember to ask an influencer for statistics and metrics as follow-up before you accept them. The only way to optimise investments is to make sure you know as much as you can about them.

Although only well-established hospitality businesses can easily expand media campaigns globally, scaling influencer marketing is often well worth the investment. You can successfully scale your influencer marketing as long as you have the right focus and strategy.


Influencer database and marketing

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By Angharad Miller


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