A Guide To Approaching Hoteliers For a Collaboration

Ever wonder how your favourite travel bloggers can afford to stay at all of these amazing snazzy hotels for free? It all comes down to successful collaboration with hotels. Once you master the art of approaching hoteliers you can really begin to enjoy the benefits that influencer marketing brings.

This approach will not only help you approach hotels but can be used as a guide for any collaboration you wish to embark on.

Creating the perfect email

The easiest and most time effective manner of approaching hotels is via email. However, this is not just as simple as emailing a co-worker. The initial email can make or break the potential for a collaboration, so it is essential that you get it right.

Why should hotels work with you? 

At the end of the day, collaborating with a hotel is a business deal and should be treated like one. If the hotel feels like you don’t have something to offer them, they are unlikely to let you stay for free. Many influencers believe that the most important thing they have to offer is the size of their following however this won’t matter if you’re not a good match for the hotel.

Being a good match all comes down to your audience demographic and your content style and quality. If your following is made up of teenage users, it is highly unlikely that a luxury hotel will see an increase in bookings by collaborating with you. If there is no return from the investment the hotel is making on you, it is unlikely that they will work with you.

First impressions are key, so make sure that you are using a professional looking email address and if relevant to your platform, have your own domain. These are small yet effective ways of showing a business that you are serious about your work.

There are different approaches you can take when emailing a hotel. You can either send a personalised email or send emails in bulk requesting to get in touch with the property’s marketing manager. Once you acquire the relevant contact information you can then proceed to send a more personalised email.

What should your email include?

Who are you?

This should be short and sweet. It is important to introduce yourself and let the person on the other side of the screen know who you are, however, they will not be interested in your life story, so keep it succinct.

Why are you emailing?

Once again, this should also be short. Explain to the property your reason for contacting them and why you would like to collaborate with them specifically compared to other hotels.

What are your social platform details?

This is where the numbers come in. Explain what your social media platform is about and disclose your stats. If you have one available, attach a media kit for the reader to understand what your content is like and see if they like it.

What do you want and what can you offer in return?

This is the part where transparency is extremely important. Make sure there are no confusions over what content you can create for them and the time frame that you can do this in. Not delivering what you initially proposed is what leads to many hotels losing trust in influencer marketing, harming not only you but future influencers that might have wanted to collaborate with them. Remember to also be very specific about what you want, may that be a free stay or a discount. If so, what dates, how many nights and how many guests?

What other places have you collaborated with?

Having examples of your past successful collaborations is a massive bonus for the hotel you are contacting as it will reassure them that you deliver your end of the deal. It will also help them understand if your style of content matches their brand and they would like to be promoted by you.

How can Swayy help you?

Even though you drafted the perfect email and sent it to all the relevant people, the truth is that 70% of hotels still won’t reply to you. Not only is this a very time-consuming process but can be extremely demotivating.

At Swayy we want to help influencers like you by making this whole process easier, safer and more enjoyable. Swayy takes out all of the ground work so that you can focus on creating amazing content instead of spending your time writing emails. When you sign up you will be assessed by our team and once approved, hotels will automatically be able to see your profile and contact you for a collaboration if they like what they see.

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