Why Influencer Marketing is the Answer to Ad-block

Digital Hotel Marketing & Ad-Block

With the rise of ad-block software, consumers can now entirely remove digital hotel marketing content from view. In many senses, it doesn’t matter how much time and effort marketers put into a digital ad because it isn’t seen half the time. Ad-blockers are often integrated as a browser or application extension, which means that people don’t even have to download extra software in order to block adverts from their view. In 2015 alone, marketers lost $21.8billion of advertisement revenue to ad blockers. Although this is a great add-on for internet users, it poses a huge challenge to business advertisements.

Younger customers have grown tired of traditional advertising, thus prompting the rise in ad-blockers. Pop-ups face the most complaints, whilst video and audio ads which play automatically as the site loads follow as a close second. Modern consumers have learnt to tune adverts out. As such, they push marketers to become more creative. To get past ad-block, hotels need to find a new way to reach consumers.

Content Marketing

Many have found the answer in content marketing. In order to get their advertisements seen and read, hotels have to do more than fill their websites with content. Marketers should push their brand message on to heavily-read, high-engagement platforms. This allows ads not only to get around ad-blockers but also means that a lot of new customers will be seeing and engaging with their content. The difference between intrusive and organic advertising shouldn’t be underestimated; the best advert is the kind viewers actually want to consume.

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Influencer Marketing as the Answer to Ad-Block

Influencer marketing is one of many emergent buzzwords in the hotel and hospitality sector. Influencers offer new channels and platforms, as well as new audiences, with advertising potential. Whatever they’re popular for, influencers organically grow large, trusting followings over time. Working with them not only produces successful results but also creates real content by real people. The audience that consumes your advertisement, therefore, does so voluntarily. Besides this, influencer marketing isn’t blocked by add-ons, and often isn’t even seen primarily as an advertisement. When an influencer posts a review or ad for your venue, it’s more of a recommendation than a heavy-handed call to action.

Influencers want to keep their viewer’s trust just as much as brands do. Content creators have an established reputation to keep up, which makes them great advocates. They are, above all, very unlikely to promote a business they don’t really care about. The influencer’s relationship with their followers keeps them honest – they are likely the most authentic representatives of your brand you can find. The best influencer-follower relationships may take time and effort to grow, but they will definitely result in higher conversion rates.

Mobile Devices and Digital Hotel Marketing

Influencer marketing works against ad blockers on both desktop and laptop computers, but it shows the most impact on mobile devices. More than 50% of views on YouTube are from mobile devices, and Instagram is first and foremost a mobile app. As the two largest platforms for influencer marketing, the need to make use of their potential is only growing. Hotel digital marketing budgets have been on the rise for a while now, but businesses have to get around ad blockers in order for their content to even be seen. Influencer marketing is worth the investment for the extended reach and authentic, measurable engagement.

What has Swayy got to do with this?

Influencer marketing is not too different from traditional digital hotel marketing: it still requires the same creativity and focus. It is, however, different in the sense that consumers will have no hang-ups about having to view it. Properly integrating an influencer into your marketing strategy, however, means finding someone who properly aligns with your brand values. This is where Swayy steps in.

Swayy can help marketers fight back against increasingly savvy ad blockers. With our travel and hotel influencer database, finding a pre-vetted, high-quality influencer is simple. From macro- to micro- in size, Swayy can give you access to countless Instagram influencers who come hand-in-hand with priceless authenticity.

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