Hotel Pain Points & Swayy’s Influencer Marketing Solutions

Hotel Pain Points

Are you are looking to increase your direct sales? Do you find yourself heavily dependent on Online Travel Agents (OTAs)? Or, are you besieged with requests from low-quality influencers? You’re not alone. We’ve devised some solutions for you to make informed decisions and take back full control.

Pain Point #1

Hotels commonly find themselves paying high third-party commissions to OTAs. Websites such as Booking.com charge as much as 20% of a hotel’s revenue for exposure. Gaining more direct bookings can also be a problem.

Swayy’s solution:

Find relevant, targeted brand ambassadors to help you harness digital word of mouth and promote your venue to tens of thousands of potential customers. It’s proven to generate over twice the sales of traditional advertising methods. McKinsey says so, and we’ve got the data to back it up.

Are you:

– a GM/Director of a Boutique/Luxury Hotel;

– on a digital marketing team; or

– a PR/Communications Manager?

Do you have similar concerns regarding influencer marketing? Then the below tips are relevant to you.

Pain Point #2

Do you/your team receive a huge number of “wanna collab?” requests from irrelevant influencers?

“Quality Assurance of Influencers ”  –  Director of Digital, Mandarin Oriental

“Reactive to influencer requests, not actively managing influencer marketing” –  Head of Marketing, Corinthia Hotels

Swayy’s Solution:

Create a dedicated email account for influencers and direct all requests to that account. In addition, set up an auto reply which states a policy of no-collaborations – with all Influencer marketing efforts managed through Swayy.

Swayy’s unique platform will provide you with complete control and manage all Influencer based activity in order to find:

– relevant;

– targeted;

– pre-vetted brand ambassadors for the hotel’s target market and pay them a fraction of the cost of one of the hotel’s most basic rooms.

Joining Swayy’s Agency package will allow us to approach the most hyper-relevant influencers on your behalf in order to find the perfect brand ambassadors.

Pain Point #3

Do you want to know how an influencer can increase future bookings and help meet revenue targets? Keeping track of return-on-invest rates can often seem impossible.

Swayy’s Solution:

To understand the return of investment, Swayy will help you set up unique tracking links for each influencer.

This allows you to track bookings as a result of an influencer campaign, giving measures of the direct sales achieved, and provides insight into the customer journey on your website, allowing hotels to improve the customer’s online experience.

Pain Point #4

Do you look at an influencer’s account and say, “ughhh those images just won’t fit with our hotel brand –why are they wasting our time?”


Pain Point #5

Do you ever receive “collab” requests offering coverage in a market not relevant to your hotel (e.g. viewers without the purchasing power)?

Swayy’s Solution:

When hotels post an ad on Swayy to our influencers worldwide, they can state exactly what they’re looking for in order to attract brand ambassadors that are relevant to their venue or brand’s particular needs:

– how many customers they want to reach

– which markets they want the Influencer to come from etc.

Pain Point #6

Do you wish influencers understood that there is no such thing as a “free collab”? Hosting an Influencer costs money e.g. running costs (linen, use of amenities, housekeeping), and if mismanaged can result in having to turn away paying customers.

Swayy’s Solution:

Influencers are being paid. They are there to do a job, just like you and me. There is no need to entertain prehistoric bartering of services. Swayy advises hotels not to offer rooms to influencers if the hotels deem this unnecessary (e.g. if they’re bringing in influencers from their City). Hotels have full control and discretion about what they offer influencers as well as the day and time an offer is available. If hotels do offer a basic room (e.g. if the Influencer is coming from a target market abroad) – it should be in quiet periods (e.g. Sunday nights) and they can set the availability for quiet periods only on the Ad they place.

Pain Point #7

Do you waste time having to research information about an influencer to ensure they’re aligned with your brand?

Swayy’s Solution:

Swayy provides venues with various key data used for evaluating influencers all in one place.

Having all of this information in one place saves you a significant amount of time and gives you the insight you need to make a quick decision as to whether the applicant is suitable to represent your brand.

With Swayy you have easy access to:

How often the Influencer attends hotels/restaurants – this signals how interested their followers are in hotels/restaurants. This also highlights the brands they have previously worked with.

1. Engagement rates for likes and comments – how engaged their followers are with their posts.

2. How often they post – signalling how active they are with their followers.

3. Where they’re from – this enables venues to target influencers from specific markets to align with regional sales targets and overall branding strategy.

4. Swayy’s own ‘Swayy Score’ – the world’s leading metric to evaluate leisure expertise. Giving insight into the amount of influence the influencer has, ensuring the quality of work created.

Pain Point #8

Are you frustrated at the lack of professionalism of many freeloaders pretending to be real influencers – how often do you receive requests from so-called “influencers” who can’t even string together a well-written email?

Swayy’s Solution:

Influencers are being paid to promote your venue. This sets a certain standard of professionalism. A professional relationship is not a “collab”. Influencers know they’re being paid to carry out a specific task so they happily work within set parameters while treating you and your venue with the professional respect you both deserve.

After the Influencer has generated sufficient content, they will submit their work for review on Swayy, there you can check whether the content generated & the caption attached is in line with the hotel’s brand messaging and strategy. Influencers are not paid until their work is approved.

Once completed, venues are invited to rate influencers with a simple 1-5* feedback system similar to Uber. They are also asked whether they would work with the Influencer again.

This provides influencers with an added incentive to over deliver on the quality of content they produce for you as well as their level of professionalism.

Pain Point #9

Does it frustrate you when influencers don’t convey the right messaging or don’t fully grasp what venues are looking for in return?

Swayy’s Solution:

Firstly, it’s important to set ground rules. Hotels can clearly state their requirements in their Ad. On our packages you can specify the “Dos and Don’ts” you wish influencers to follow so that those who apply clearly understand your expectations. This ensures that the Influencer’s focus resonates with the brand. Just like in any successful relationship, communication is key. Swayy gives you the tools to control brand messaging and maintain clear communication with prospective influencers from start to finish and beyond.

Influencers are sent an automatic reminder of these expectations shortly before they attend your venue. Moreover, influencers submit the content they’ve posted for review before they’re paid. If the messaging/criteria set out by the hotel isn’t adhered to, the hotel can require the influencer to make changes and re-send the work for review or they will not be paid.

Our Facebook style messaging system on Swayy is used to clarify any details, giving assurance that you have access to all the past communications that have taken place with the influencer.

And again, hotels/restaurants have full control.

Pain Point #10

Do you wish influencers understood that you care more about the influencer’s engagement and ability to persuade rather than how many followers they have?

Swayy’s Solution:

Swayy has taken this into consideration and provided relevant metrics, all in one place, to help hotels quickly identify the most suitable influencers for their particular brand.

Refer to Pain Point 6 Solution for various metrics available for evaluation of influencers.

Pain Point #11

Find it hard to explain in one sentence to your revenue officer how the influencer posts will convert directly into bookings?

Swayy’s Solution:

A common requirement for every marketing manager is to explain to other decision makers how an investment in a certain channel will translate to profitable returns. Influencer marketing is no exception. Swayy can empower these managers with the help of its evaluation metrics to explain an influencer’s relevance to the target market concerning revenue generation, whilst paying only a fraction of the cost giving away a £500+/night hotel room would amount to!

Refer Pain Point 6 Solution for various metrics available for evaluation of influencers.

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