What is Hotel Instagram Marketing?

Why Instagram?

Hotel Instagram marketing is really quite simple; hotels have an opportunity to reach their goals to target new markets, engage with their existing customers and increase direct sales on a new marketing channel, namely Instagram.

Instagram has quickly risen in its audience size, creating various passionate communities. A popular community revolves around travel. Instagram’s aesthetically pleasing tools provide users with a variety of options for filtering snaps. Most importantly, though, it is a way to share images and experiences with audiences who can appreciate your content.

Each hotel found on Instagram has a unique persona aligned with the hotel’s brand and values. Some hotels are quite savvy users and come up with new ways to interact with their guests. However, the required skill set to keep users engaged and acquire new ones is mostly outsourced to Influencers.

How Influencers boost hotel sales using Instagram

Businesses today have turned to social media Influencers who have a better reach and interaction with their followers and at the same time can embody and advocate a brand’s values.

While being an active user on Instagram, some hotels also collaborate with Influencers, this gives them an added boost to use Instagram effectively and increase their venue’s sales. However, the process of dealing with hiring Influencers and maintaining relationships has its own challenges. That’s where Swayy can help hotels to make a smooth transition into this marketing foray. Our platform helps venues control the entire process. It also helps venues connect with pre-vetted Influencers interested in working with them. Venues enjoy and provide carefully curated media based on the hotel’s requirement. Read more about it on ‘How to work with Influencers on Swayy’.


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