Hotel Instagram Pics that Can Make Your Popularity Soar

Hotel Instagram Ideas

Breaking traditions and making new ones is what millennials do best. With hotel Instagram, it is no different. Leisure travel has expanded exponentially with increasing disposable incomes and this has fuelled demand for unique individualised offerings to capture travellers in their aspiration stages of life. If done effectively, going the extra mile to create aesthetically “grammable” experiences can be hugely beneficial from a digital marketing and user generated content perspective.

Here are different Instagram ideas that allow hotels to use various styles of shots to highlight the entire travel experience on Instagram. Swayy has identified various category shots provided by Influencers that can truly connect with an Influencer’s audience.

The Destination Shot

The Destination Shot - Instagram


There are many attractive brochures made for travellers and this image falls in line with typical travel publications. What is exceptional about the image above is that it provides hotels a way to showcase their unique assets or amenities combined with a destination view. This kind of image appeals to travellers who want a luxurious experience and the wow factor is the trigger for users to want to share this on their own social media. By doing this customers gain extra benefits through social approval (gaining likes and comments from friends). 

The Room Shot

The Room Shot - Instagram


Room shots are quite common on hotel websites and online travel agent sites. However, carefully curated images on social media such as a hotel Instagram give venues space to be more creative. You can teleport a future customer there and give them a feeling of envy and longing to go there as soon as possible. Why? Because it’s an escape from the day to day realities of normal life. It can be a glamorous snap or just a lazing feel at home snap. The idea is to make it look more interesting than just a typical professional photo from a traditional hotel photographer, while at the same time providing travellers with a feel good and relaxing sensation.

The Amenities Shot

The Amenities Shot - Instagram


If you have ‘to-die-for’ amenities, make them work for you. Travellers are on the lookout for leisure and wellness offerings to help them escape from normal life. This snap gives a potential guest the feeling that this is a obligatory escape experience. And that this hotel Instagram makes it clear that they can provide it for customers. A descriptive caption can go a long way to to enhance a visual for the observer. Remember they’re designed to trigger emotion. 

The Breakfast Shot

The Breakfast Shot - Instagram

Your hotel may have great breakfast/food offerings and you can capture them with artistic and delicious looking visual snaps. Whether breakfast is served in the room, outside or with a unique style, the question is; how can this experience delight your customers? A pinch of creativity in presentation by the Influencer served with an aerial view (known amongst the Influencer community as a “flat lay”) is quite a popular way to take food snaps. This picture easily captivates the senses and gives you so called “breakfast goals”.


The Lifestyle Shot

The Lifestyle Shot - Instagram


The lifestyle shot is more or less an insight into lifestyle choices. Whether it be fashion, healthy food or the stay, this kind of snap portrays attitude, taste and values. The influencer’s choices attracts a community of followers who have similar choices or aspire to make these choices. You can build a following for your hotel Instagram by appealing to the right niche.


The Places to Eat Shot

Places to eat shot - Instagram


If your hotel has excellent food options or is surrounded by various places a foodie can indulge in, it can be a good opportunity to show off the location of the hotel. Food Influencers/bloggers have created a community of food lovers to engage with. They regularly point out interesting places to eat and provide recommendations to their food loving followers. In your Influencer marketing campaign this experience can definitely ‘swayy’ more visitors to your hotel if it’s viewed as a lifestyle destination which will help customers access other lifestyle orientated venues nearby.


The Tourist Shot

The tourist shot - Hotel Instagram


If your hotel is located in the heart of a city, that is one of your unique selling points. Make sure your hotel Instagram reflects your location. There are plenty of places to visit and your Instagram photos should give a cultural feel of the city. What’s even better is to showcase your hotel surroundings in festive seasons or events that occur near you. What better time for guests to visit your hotel than when one can enjoy the festivities in your area.

The People Shot

The people shot - Hotel Instagram


The reason Instagram Influencer marketing is quickly gaining popularity is due to the people in the shots that have built a connection to their loyal audiences. In addition, the creative flare added to make the snaps fun and interesting distinguishes the images from the ordinary ones found often on different hotel and travel sites.

Lastly, it’s important that you have quality content with eye-catching and simple hashtags with descriptive captions to really boost your popularity, much like the individual in the image above. If you want to find pre-vetted Influencers who will do exactly this, then the Influencers at Swayy can become your brand ambassadors and bring a fun and fresh element to your digital marketing strategy.

Whatever you do, write down a list of your top 5 unique selling points (USP) of your hotel, and then brief your influencers with those USPs so they can creatively feature them in an original and authentic way.

Hotel Instagram Photos


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NB: The images in this blog by @swayy.me are re-grams of Influencer images and credit goes to them accordingly. 


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