How Can Influencers Travel Responsibly?

It is becoming increasingly easy to travel. We have planes, trains, and automobiles ready for us to jump on and take us to a completely different destination. But the man-made devices that have made it easier for us to travel have also increased our impact on the planet. Certain destinations, such as areas of Thailand and Italy to name a few, are becoming overpopulated with tourists, and are having to take drastic measures to ensure the safety of their ecosystems. However, as influencers, there is a role that you can play in ensuring that people follow your lead and travel responsibly.

Know where you are wanted

When deciding on your perfect holiday destination you need to consider where you are wanted. As mentioned, some destinations have become so inundated with tourists that drastic measures have been taken to protect them. For example, Thai authorities have shut off the island of Phi Phi Leh to allow the reefs to recuperate. But Thailand includes a smorgasbord of beautiful islands that are less popular but just as beautiful. These lesser known islands need an increase in tourism to drive their economies. Influencers can help with this by showing their followers alternative destinations to visit. Lombok, for instance, is an island in West Nusa, Indonesia; west of Bali. Influencer Lauren Bullen visited the island and posted a photo of herself against the mesmerising backdrop of a waterfall. She received 88.6k likes and 876 comments on said photo. By posting about an area less known than its neighbour Bali, Lauren has shown her followers an alternative destination that’s just as beautiful.

@gypsea_lust in Lombok, Nusa, Indonesia

Know when you are wanted

They do say that summer is the best time for a summer holiday. However, if a tourist destination is where you want to go it may be better to wait until after summer to visit. For example, throughout summer, officials at the Cinque Terre issue travel permits that restrict tour buses descending on the small village all at once. However, if the Italian rustic village is where you want to go, the village is deserted come September. There are next to no tourists and the weather is still reasonably warm for you to enjoy. What’s more, the locals may actually be happy to see a tourist and could take the time to recommend the best places for you to go. Hold out for another few months and you are guaranteed a better holiday than if you rush there during summer.

Take things slow

As a travel influencer, it’s easy to become obsessed with rushing to as many places as possible to get the best pictures for your followers. However, sometimes it’s better to slow the pace a little and take in the surrounding area. Monument Valley is an influencer hotspot, known for having the most beautiful sunrises. But rather than rushing to take a photo and then dashing to your next location why not take a look at what else is there to offer? Eat some local food, swim in the Colorado River, ride a horse with a Navajo Guide, enjoy your time. Not only will your followers appreciate learning about what there is to do in the surrounding area, but the locals will appreciate the money you are putting into their economy. You will be enriching your own experience, and that of your followers, whilst enriching the lives of the locals.

Respect the wildlife and conservations

One of the most important jobs of a travel influencer is to teach your followers about sustainable travel. You can do this by visiting nationally protected parks and conservation centres wherever you go. By travelling around the globe, we are causing harm to our ecosystem and the animals that thrive within it. Visiting nationally protected parks will show your followers that it is important to look after the environment while exploring it. Alyssa Ramos visited an elephant sanctuary in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and posted several photos of herself with the elephants. In her captions, she told her followers about how the sanctuary rescues elephants that had been subjected to working in circuses. This urges her followers to be more conscientious about visiting foreign circuses as well as bringing awareness to the excellent work the sanctuary does. Check out more about writing amazing and engaging captions on one of our previous posts.

@mylifesatravelmovie with her elephant friends in Thailand.

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