How to Give Feedback on Swayy

Giving feedback is a vital part of the Swayy process for both venues and Influencers. Fundamentally it means you can both have your say about your experience, so Swayy knows who the superstars are (on both sides) and who is underperforming.

Maintaining a 5-star rating is the best way to get further collaborations, so keeping on top of the feedback system is a must.

The rating process can be broken down into three easy steps:

1. Click on “Feedback”.

For Influencers this is found here:

For venues this is found here:

2. Click on the “Rate Me!” button.

This takes you to the feedback page.

3. Fill in your own feedback.

Remember to keep it polite even if it’s not a 5-star review. The rating system is meant to make the Swayy business/influencer relationship useful for both parties, so you should only be marking Influencers/venues down if they failed to properly meet the terms of your agreement.

Here’s an example of what it should look like:

From an Influencer’s point of view:

From a venue’s point of view:

Congratulations, you’ve now completed your collaboration!

Now you can move onto the next one and start the process again…

Stay Swayy!


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