How to keep an Authentic Voice in a Social Media Marketing Campaign

In a social media marketing campaign, influencers have the responsibility to give their followers an authentic voice. However, how do you find your voice and in what ways can influencers keep it authentic? Keep on reading if you would like to find out!

How to establish your brand voice on social media

Establishing your brand voice on social media can seem like a daunting task. The development of your ‘voice’ is effectively the development of the authentic personality of your brand. It is the most critical aspect of defining your brand identity because it frames the whole agenda for your social content.

If you are in the process of developing a brand voice on social media, it is extremely helpful to find inspiration. You can do this by looking to your fellow social media marketers who have already established powerful voices. See how they make their voices come to life in their posts and adapt their approach to fit your own. Keep in mind that everything in your social media marketing campaign should coordinate and speak seamlessly to your audience across platforms and posts. Inconsistencies can disrupt and damage your entire social strategy.

How can you keep your brand voice authentic?

Here are some top tips on how you can keep and maintain your authentic brand voice:

Remember why you are a social media influencer
In any job, sometimes we need to remind ourselves why we started our particular career in the first place. If we remember and list the reasons why we love what we do, our authentic voice should automatically shine through. This rings true for influencers when promoting sponsored content, representing brands and being involved in social media marketing campaigns. If you truly believe in and love the brand/product/campaign you are working with, then it should be easy for your followers to understand the reason why you are sharing your trusted opinions to them.

Storytelling is certainly beneficial when creating an authentic social media marketing campaign. Sharing your personal story with everyone helps to make the campaign much less commercial; it instead divides the attention between the influencer and what they are advertising. Each photo posted on social media should be cohesive with the brand, and the product should hopefully resonate with the influencer and their story.

Be thoughtful
If you are an influencer, it is important to be thoughtful about accepting the many opportunities that are offered to you. Do they fit your audience? Do they fit your reputation and your morals etc.? If the answer is no, then there is no need to accept the sponsored opportunity. From a followers’ perspective, it doesn’t go unnoticed when influencers accept campaigns that do not align with their personal brand and overall focus. It is best for influencers to stay consistent!

Listen to your followers
Listening to your followers is key to understanding what they are looking for and wanting in your content. Taking the time to communicate and interact with your audience gives you a greater sense of connection. You can make improvements to your influencer approach by getting to know them and feeding off of their ideas, suggestions and feedback.

Let them see you!
In order to be real with your followers, you are able to show your most authentic self in photos or videos. Take advantage of being open and honest. This builds an element of trust. If your followers can view your reality, this will bring the authenticity to your audience.

An authentic brand voice is invaluable as it sets your brand apart from competitors. Although the development process ultimately takes time and effort, these top tips will get you started on the path to building a recognisable, consistent brand voice that will resonate on social media and merge into the lives of your audience.

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