How to Naturally Increase Engagement on Social Media Channels

Building an organic following has become essential to starting a career as a successful influencer. Brands are no longer solely focusing on the number of followers to determine an influencers’ reach, but rather on the level of engagement they have with their following. Using engagement as a metric allows brands to discard influencers with fake followers and only target those that have a genuine relationship with their audience.

By following these tips, you can begin to grow a natural following and increase your social media engagement.

    1. Create High Quality Visuals

Just like in any other job hard work pays off, so thinking about your target audience and creating relevant and high-quality content goes a long way. People process visual content 60,000 times faster than text, making social media platforms like Instagram perfect for influencer digital marketing.

With over 1 billion monthly users on Instagram, creating content that makes you stand out is more important than ever. Original content that aligns with your personal brand can really push your profile to success. It’s not necessary to spend a fortune on professional photography equipment, as nowadays the phone in your pocket can take excellent quality pictures that can be edited on the go.

    2. Get tagging!

If they’re used properly, hashtags are great for increasing the reach and popularity of your posts, especially with people that are not following you already. Make sure that you are using relevant and trending hashtags to improve the chances of users finding your content. For more tips on how to hashtag to your best ability check out our blog post on How to Hashtag like a Pro.

    3. Build a community with your followers

This is probably one of the most important ways to increase your engagement, as people are more likely to follow your content if they feel like they have a connection with you. This can’t be achieved unless you are actively interacting with your followers and is not as simple as just replying to their comments.

If you really want to kick your engagement up a notch start using Instagram features such as polls, letting followers ask you questions, mentioning and re-sharing followers’ stories. Asking your followers to provide feedback on your content is also an excellent way to improve your engagement as your audience will feel like they are having a direct impact on your future content and will also give you a better understanding of what people want to see from you.

    4. Reveal your personality

People become interested in you when they feel like they know you, and this is no different on social media. It is so important to make your personality shine through your profile and be truthful with your followers. The most successful influencers are always those who allow their audience to get to know them and share not only their ups but also their downs.

Instagram is usually a showcase of an individual’s highlights, however sharing moments when you’re not having the perfect day creates an element of trust between you and your followers. This is greatly beneficial when you are promoting a product as the more trust your followers have in you, the more likely they are to try a product you are endorsing.

    5. Host a Giveaway

Everybody loves free stuff, especially when they can see it right in front of their eyes. Giveaways are an extremely effective way of boosting your engagement and profile exposure. Depending on the popularity of the item you are gifting, a giveaway can amass to thousands of profile visits and hundreds of new followers.

Influencers will usually ask their audience to follow them, like the post and comment by tagging other users causing an exponential increase in visits. You can choose to extend the giveaway period to increase the profile traffic you receive, however if you do so, make sure to keep reminding people to enter your giveaway!

    6. Go Live!

Although images are a great way to interact with your audience, videos really go that extra mile. A video really allows you to express yourself and show your followers what you’re up to. A great feature which has been incorporated into Instagram and allows for great interaction is live videos.

Live videos allow you to talk to your followers and answer questions in real time. For example, some influencers might go live whilst they are doing their make-up or getting ready making followers feel like they are chatting to a friend. You can then save your live video, which allows people who missed it to watch it later on.

    7. Collaborate

Although being an influencer seems like a very solitary job, it is still very important to network not only with brands but with other influencers in your industry. Collaborating with other influencers is greatly beneficial for your engagement as you attract traffic from both accounts. In addition, people are more likely to follow someone if they see that you are friends with them.

On top of collaborating with other influencers, working with brands can also drastically increase your popularity as brand pages are likely to re-share your posts and send lovers of the brand your way.


Hopefully by following these 7 tips you will find that you can effectively and naturally increase your follower engagement and help boost your profile recognition. If you are already doing some of these things maybe try adopting a different approach to the strategy or get a secondary opinion, as we often become blind with our own work.

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