How to work with Influencers on Swayy

So you know you want to work with Influencers to take advantage of this hugely powerful form of targeted advertising called “Influencer Marketing” and you think Swayy can help. What next?

Well, let us get you quickly up to speed on ‘how’ best to work with Influencers using Swayy…

‘Follow our 11 quick steps’

  • Sign up
  • Choose an Ad Package
  • Fill out the Ad, & select no. of customers you want to reach
  • Post the Ad
  • Interested Influencers will apply to work with you
  • Accept/Reject Influencers
  • Subscribe & pay
  • Confirmation of Booking
  • Influencers attend your venue
  • Review influencers work & provide feedback
  • Enjoy the benefits

Lets take a look at each step, to get a better grip on the process…

Take this scenario for example:

You are the owner of a new restaurant. The competition is stiff and you have a tight marketing budget. You are highly dependent on word of mouth to attract customers. A positive image, boosted brand awareness and significantly more exposure to people who go to restaurants like yours will go a long way to increase your presence in this market.

But just how can you do that?

The answer is to work with Influencers through Swayy…

           1. Sign up   

The first thing you should do is sign up on Swayy. This takes a matter of minutes filling out some basic information about your venue. 



           2. Choose an Ad package 

There are two package types for you to choose from: Venues & Leisure Business Chain/Agency. Each of them has different features (click here). The purpose of the Ad is to attract Influencers you want to work with and see who is interested in working with your venue. Think of it like putting up a Job Ad but to a talented, pre-vetted community of leisure experts that have followers who are foodies (for the purposes of this example). You will need to choose which subscription is most relevant to you.  ‘Venues’ is for individual venues (hotels, restaurants etc), and ‘Leisure Business Chains/Agencies’ is for Leisure Businesses with multiple venues or Agencies with multiple leisure business clients. Once you’ve paid your monthly subscription you can run as many Influencer campaigns as you like. 



        3. Fill out the Ad & select no. of customers you want to reach

After selecting an Ad, you can select the number of potential customers you want to reach e.g.: 1-9.9k. This means that you are looking for Influencers with between 1,000 and 9,999 followers on Swayy. So, when they post an image on their Instagram to advertise your venue, that number of people will see the beautiful images of your venue.

       4. Post the Ad 

Once you’ve completed the Ad, paid and posted it, the Ad will then be viewed worldwide by Influencers on our network. By selecting the number of customers you want to reach, you are signalling what size Influencers you are looking to work with. Obviously the larger the number the more expensive the Influencer. It’s the same principle to explain why a billboard on Times Square or in Piccadilly costs more than one on a small side road. You can still choose Influencers who fall outside the criteria specified in the Ad if they decide to apply to your Job post, it’s entirely up to you to decide which Influencers work best for your circumstances. You have complete control and flexibility.

You can also boost your Ad, if you need Influencers on short notice mark it ‘Urgent’. Alternatively, if you want to be featured on the Influencer’s homepage mark it ‘Spotlight’ or if you want to rank in the first few results of your Ad category select ‘Featured’.

                  5. Interested Influencers will apply to work with you

Since your venue is located in a particular location (obviously), unlike a product which can be shipped, it requires Influencers to actually attend your venue. Therefore, there is no point in contacting an Influencer in Australia to attend your restaurant in London tomorrow. Influencers who are interested and available will then apply directly to you via Swayy.

Side note: What is our Influencer selection process?

We have developed a sophisticated algorithm to evaluate Influencers for various leisure specific metrics to ensure they are of high value for the Leisure Businesses.

You can access Influencers of all sizes regardless of the Ad type you choose. Moreover, there are no restrictions on the number of Influencers that can be booked.

/   6. Accept/Reject Influencers

Once you start receiving applications, you can accept or reject the applicants at your leisure using our analytics to evaluate each applicant. This gives you the opportunity to work with Influencers in a considered way using robust evaluation metrics.

Swayy provides you with various metrics including:

  • SwayyScore – A metric used to evaluate an Influencer’s value to Leisure Businesses;
  • Engagement rates – How active and involved followers are in the Influencer’s posts – a key indicator in how many followers listen to/trust the Influencer;
  • How many potential customers you want to reach (size of following);
  • Which country they are from (important if you are targeting customers from a particular location);
  • How often they go to Hotels/Restaurants etc – signalling their experience & expertise in taking the specific images you need, amongst many others.

OK great, so now you’ve posted an Ad, some Influencers have applied, and you’ve chosen a few you’d like to work with. You then need to select the number of images, videos or Boomerangs (a viral loop of five images) you’d like to order from that Influencer.

                                        7. Confirmation of Booking

Once you’ve paid, click “Accept”. The Influencer will be notified of what you have ordered from them, confirming the exact date and time you specified in the Ad.

You also have the option to message the Influencer on our internal messaging system to answer any questions they have.

A few side questions:

(i) When can you book the Influencer to attend?

Whenever is most convenient for your venue. Strategically you could opt to invite them at a quiet time, so you don’t lose out on the revenue of the hotel room or table. Another alternative is, you could choose the days/times which are most popular e.g. Friday/Saturday night, so your venue is looking its very best for the images/videos the Influencers will be taking.

(ii) If you have particular requirements about what the Influencer should or should not focus on – where do you state this?

For the Ads, you can specify detailed do’s and don’ts to the Influencer. 

                                             8Influencers attend your venue

Influencers now attend your venue, capture carefully curated images and/or videos (based on your order). The Influencer then uploads these to their Instagram page, tagging your venue’s Instagram page (if you have one) or just referencing your venue’s name/website.

The Influencer then submits a Job Completion Request to you on Swayy. The links of the content they created and shared to all their followers are sent along as well.

It is essential then for you to review their work. If you wish for the Influencer to make any minor changes (e.g. to the caption or use of emojis) or if the Influencer has not posted the number of images/videos/Boomerangs ordered, then you can kindly ask them to do so before re-submitting a Job Completion request.

                                            9. Review influencers work & provide feedback

You will have the opportunity to provide full feedback, just like on Dropbox, once the Job is complete. If you would like to work with the Influencer again, you have the option to invite them to future Ads.

                                          10. Enjoy the benefits

As you’ve seen, to work with Influencers on Swayy couldn’t be easier. Now all you need to do is get started and enjoy all the benefits listed here.




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