How to improve hotel marketing with Swayy?


In the United Kingdom, China and Sweden digital advertising accounted for more than 55% in 2017. By 2020 it will count for 45% of all global marketing. According to data by Zenith from 2018, an average growth rate of 10% a year between 2017 and 2020 is expected. Such significant changes to the traditional forms of marketing can’t go unnoticed.

Hotel marketing is changing with the rise of popularity of social media platforms. Recent statistics forecast that in 2019 there will 2.77 billion social network users worldwide. In fact, on Instagram alone, there are currently 500 million daily active users. The successful use of those digital platforms can mean a bigger traffic on the hotel website and consequently, a higher number of bookings.

The beginning of 2019 is a perfect moment to look into the future, and take a step towards the best possible results and long-lasting collaborations with our pre-vetted influencers for social media marketing campaigns.

So how Swayy can help you use digital marketing to your advantage in 2019?

Time-management tool for hotel marketing

More than 80% of marketers are pursuing social media campaigns spending a huge amount of resources, according to 2016 data. Digital marketing can not only cost a lot of money, but it is also extremely time-consuming. Keeping on the top of what is currently happening, and how to successfully engage the modern audience, is a hard task when running a business. We know. And we have a solution. With Swayy, a leading online influencer booking tool for the hospitality industry, you can improve your hotel marketing strategies in 2019.

Capitalising on Instagram power

According to the recent survey by Piper Jaffray from 2018, 32% of teenagers consider Instagram their favourite social media platform. It is a huge increase in numbers comparing to recent years. Young audiences themselves believe that Instagram is the best platform to reach them. But a vast majority of parents-generation shops online as well. They can also be influenced by younger generations. The recent forecast projects that the volume of sponsored content on Instagram will increase to 32.3 million posts in 2019, competing for the engagement from social media users. Capitalising on digital media influencers is, therefore, a must to build close relations with your consumers of any age.

Catching attention through mobile marketing

But how to successfully catch customer attention? Daily hours spent with digital media per adult on smartphones are growing, currently reaching its highest number so far. People spent more than 41% of their online time on social media apps on their smartphones. Shopping online has seen an increase in numbers as well. But today’s users are characterised by multitasking and engaging with numerous apps per their ‘online session’. As such, catching their attention and guiding them towards your venue in an effective way is particularly important. With Swayy, pre-vetted hotel influencers will be able to drive customer traffic to your hotel websites and booking tools. See our post on why influencers marketing is the best solution for hotel marketing.

Engaging ‘a moment’

Many consider giving feedback a crucial tool for improvement. But more than 2/5 customers don’t complete a customer feedback survey after their experience according to recent study conveyed by Medallia. However, most of them when travelling or visiting a venue, post constantly their pictures on social media platforms, such as Instagram and Twitter. Or even before making their final choice of the destination, they check their favourite Instagram accounts for sources of inspiration. This kind of immediate feedback from influencer to the average Instagram user generates the traffic needed on the hotel website. Most of Instagram users tag their locations and often use hashtags specific for particular businesses. Traditional feedback surveys are becoming a thing of the past but engaging with travellers through social media is a feedback of a moment.

The choice is in your hands

The Brightcove Video Marketing Study (2018) states that nearly 85% of millennials are choosing products, services and venues based on the video they have seen. Videos are the most engaging and memorable form of marketing. In the last years, Instagram incorporated videos into their posts and stories. Being the fastest growing social media platform, Instagram influencers marketing is guaranteed to bring results. In fact, video content on social media platform helps 64% of online shoppers make their final decision. And with Swayy, you can specify in your ad the desire for videos and boomerangs created by our pre-vetted influencers to engage your customers. Those videos are more engaging and more trustworthy than traditional TV and pop-up adverts for current Internet users. To know more, check our recent post on the most important influencer marketing trends.

Building long-lasting collaborations

More than half of the Internet users follow celebrities and influencers on their social media platforms (Global Web Index, 2017). And nearly 80% of online influencers choose Instagram for their platform of collaboration, with many promoting content across their various social media accounts. With Swayy, you have control over who you work with, and what you require of them. In your influencer-based marketing, you can ask for images, videos or boomerangs. The process of working with selectively analysed online influencers on Swayy is designed to produce a high-quality content and provide both influencers and venues with a possibility of feedback. To know more, check our post on how to effectively select influencer right for your business.


If you are hotel looking for a successful influencer collaboration, sign up with Swayy today or read more about influencer marketing on our website.



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