Influencer Interview: Elisa, Journal of a Jetsetter

Meet Elisa, Journal of a Jetsetter:

Elisa is currently based in Europe, living between Barcelona and London and constantly on the move. She is a prominent travel influencer, working as a content writer, photographer and social media manager within the travel industry. In her own words: I create content to bring businesses to life for their audience.” This content is geared towards a client’s campaign, and Elisa knows how to put together an effective social media campaign to increase engagement and brand following.

As well as her Instagram and other social accounts, Elisa runs her own blog, with location guides, “”A weekend in…” and posts discussing her experiences at specific venues.

And our interviewer, David Gabriele, CEO of Swayy:

Swayy is the industry’s leading influencer booking, campaign and relationship management tool,and winner of the 2018 TTE Disrupt Awards. Swayy helps influencers find collaborations and create lasting relationships with brands and venues in the luxury hospitality industry.

Interview Highlights

What is the key to a successful win-win collaboration when working with hotels and hospitality venues?

Flexibility is key! Every property is different, and will have different priorities and requests for deliverables. Influencers need to be flexible on dates, and aware that there will be times when hotels are unable to collaborate.

To ensure that the content created is in line both with an influencer’s style and a hotel’s brand values, the aims of the property should be clarified from the outset.

Ultimately, communications is key. A relationship cannot be nurtured without an equal input from both parties.

What would you say is the biggest value professional travel influencers bring to hotels and hospitality venues?

Elisa lists the three things she believes to be the biggest benefits of working with influencers for for the luxury hotel industry:

  1. 1. Exposure is targeted at an audience whose tastes are aligned with those of the audience. The destination, therefore, is brought to the client at the early planning stages of a journey.
  2. 2Quality photography 
  3. 3. An influencer’s content demonstrates the attributes of a property from a genuine lifestyle point of view.

This echoes what Jeremie Lannoy from W Hotels said in his interview: “there is no better way to show the lifestyle“.

Repost from @journalofajetsetter, from her trip to Quebec

How do you define an influencer compared to a blogger or a content creator?

Bloggers, influencers and content creators all crossover. Elisa does, however, outline a few key differences. Bloggers, she argues, are often more text focused, and their reviews and comments are often significantly more detailed than an Instagram post might be. Content creators, on the other hand, are pure creatives, however their content is often less directly useful to individual brands and companies. Influencers are often cross-channel, and their content comes as more of a ‘sound-bite’, delivering information, reviews and opinions in a compact, often visually aesthetic form.  

Why should hospitality venues work only with professional influencers?

Avoid horror stories. Avoid frauds. Just a waste of time.

Organising collaborations via PR agencies involves a lot of backwards and forwards communication, and the agency often does not truly know what the client wants.

Elisa tells us the story of an instance where she went on a wellness retreat, and was informed upon arrival that she would have to fast for 4 days. This is something that would have been conveyed if there had only been one line of communication, as the single point of contact would have made information clearer. Instead, there was a misalignment of information and the PR Agency did not let her know.

What should the industry do to clean up and weed out the wannabe influencers with fake followers who give the professionals a bad name?

It’s obvious which profiles have fake accounts

Elisa counsels that brands in the luxury venue industry should really try and get to know the influencer behind the collaboration request. This way, you avoid being mislead, and can properly convey what it is that you are trying to get out of the relationship.

How well do you know your followers?

Elisa’s Instagram account, @journalofajetsetter, has over 18.8k followers, from all over the globe, and she often interacts with them through the comments on her posts.

Naturally, however, it is difficult to get to know them all. She tells us that engagement shifts depending on where in the world she is, and that it is significantly easier to get to know the ones who engage with her content more.

What is it that Instagram offers that other social media platforms can’t?

From both the influencer’s perspective, and from that of the hotel, Instagram has some significant attributes which put it above other forms of social media.

Firstly, it is very aesthetic and visual, an obvious benefit for an industry which markets locations and properties because their appeal rests, at least in part, on how they look. Additionally, Instagram brings these places to life, allowing people to build communities and feel travelled, even if they haven’t had the chance to visit a location.

What do you enjoy most about using Swayy as an Influencer?

“It takes a lot of the hassle away. In terms of backwards and forwards – it puts you directly with the end client. I knew what to expect when I arrived. It’s a great way to discover the new properties. It’s a more secure way of doing the collaboration…it’s really useful for me”

What made you want to start using Swayy initially?

“It’s a way to reach the properties that are looking to work with influencers like me, making it easier to do all the communication via one source.”

Would you recommend Swayy to other influencers?

“Yes, definitely!”

Repost from Elisa’s Instagram, @journalofajetsetter

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