Why did you decide to use Influencer Marketing for your hotel?

It started organically. We had guests sharing photos of us on their Instagram pages and tagging us. 

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What were your objectives?

Increase brand awareness and increase sales and occupancy in quieter periods.

How did you decide on which social media platform to use to engage Influencers?

Instagram was the obvious choice because it’s so visual, with dreamy photos of travel, hotels, food etc.


Who is/was your target market?

European tourists in the mid-market (i.e. those that are not looking for budget accommodation nor super luxury).

Further, what resources did you use to gather information on the Influencers?

The only information we could from public sources. Mostly their Instagram page (no. of likes, no. of followers), other social media and their Blog.

Did you use any tools/software to help you?

We wish! No, unfortunately, we had to do everything manually. Furthermore, it was a complete nightmare. Consequently, we ended up having one full-time member of staff just to manage the Influencer sourcing. They did the evaluating, negotiating, booking, relationship management process.

Are you flexible in what your Influencers post about your brand? Or do you have a specific content you want them to present?

It depends how much they charge. If they’re expensive, we’re very specific. Thus, if they’re less costly, we let them be creative.

Choosing Influencers

In choosing your Influencers did you manage the process internally? Or did you delegate the choice to a third – party PR/marketing agency?

We explored external PR Agencies. But for the scale of Influencers we were looking for it would’ve cost tens of thousands of pounds, way out of our budget!

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What was the average length of time it took you to source, negotiate and organise your collaborations with the Influencers?

It took on average 10 days back and forth. Maybe sometimes longer. This is entirely due to the inefficient manual process of having to negotiate with every single influencer on a case by case basis!

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