Influencer Marketing Case Comparison Series: Luxury City Hotel v Family/Budget Hotel Strategies

Influencer Marketing Case Studies

These two hotels are different in terms of location, service, target markets and value offerings. They make great comparative case studies because of the stark contrast they offer. This is all reflected in their influencer marketing strategies. We can provide an insight into how these venues convey their values through influencer marketing:

Luxury City Hotel – Sofitel NYC

Sofitel is a global 5 star hotel chain which belongs to the Accor Group. It’s styling and inspiration is a mix of French and local influence with the ease of modern comfort and amenities. A popular hotel destination in the midst of Manhattan, it is a convenient spot due to its proximity to Times Square, Broadway theatres, Rockefeller Centre and other tourist attractions.

Instagram Presence

Sofitel NYC Instagram Influencer images

@sofitelnyc Instagram images collage

Social presence on Instagram: 332 posts 2155 followers
Social Interaction based on 10 random pics: 72 (average) likes 3 (average) comments
Popular Influencer characteristics: Local & International based, lifestyle/travel/fashion bloggers, fashionistas, travellers, travel photographers/journalists, etc.

New York Fashion Week Campaign

Sofitel NYC New York Fashion Week Influencer images

Randomly selected Influencer images showcasing some of the hotels highlights.

A combined total of all influencers images in relation to likes (10k+) and comments (100+) provides an insight into the social engagement generated.

Instagram Marketing Strategy Analysis

Whilst Sofitel adopts a more subtle marketing strategy than most of their competitors, they use influencers for key events such as New York Fashion Week (NYFW). As part of their branding Sofitel wants to be seen by the world press and fashion community as the go-to destination for NYFW. To achieve this they ran a major influencer campaign to spread the word amongst the fashion community, and they did it in style! Last year they brought in some of the biggest fashion and lifestyle influencers around. These included @tatjanamariposa, @zorannah, @majamalnar and @bridgethelen, amongst others. By bringing in these influencers they managed to disseminate their key message of “Hey, look at us, we are the hottest place to stay/visit in NYC for NYFW”. These influencers were preselected and checked to make sure their brand image was aligned with the Sofitel’s.

As a result of the influencers’ eye-watering images, their loyal followers were prompted to check out Sofitel NYC. Even if the $500+ USD/nightly rate was too expensive for most of their followers, customers can still pop into the Sofitel for a drink when they’re next in NYC.

Family/Budget 3-Star Hotel – The Melita London

The Melita, one of the finest family owned mid-market hotels in London, is known to provide a friendly, unique homely experience. A true home away from home. The Melita is close to Victoria Station, a bustling hub which provides a convenient link to many tourist attractions. Due to it’s down to earth ethos and wonderful non-profit art gallery, The Melita has managed to set itself apart from many of the bland chains in a highly competitive area.

However, what The Melita does especially well is communication. They provide a unique approach to a huge number of Instagram users interested in travel. Since they are a small family-owned venue they do not have the huge marketing budgets of the big chains, but through influencer marketing at Swayy they have managed to gain exposure to millions of people.

Instagram Presence

The Melita Instagram Influencer images

@themelitalondon Instagram images collage

Social presence on Instagram: 408 posts 17.4k followers
Social Interaction based on 10 random pics: 346 (average) likes 7 (average) comments
Popular Influencer characteristics: Local & International based, lifestyle/travel/fashion/mummy bloggers, fashionistas, travellers, travel photographers/journalists, etc.

Instagram Marketing Strategy Analysis II

The Melita’s Instagram presence draws insight on its value proposition. It exposes the art, history, super-central location and traditional British style provided to virtual visitors of their Instagram page. Social media gives viewers a snapshot experience of what it’s like to stay at the hotel. In order to drive traffic to their Instagram page they use influencers through Swayy. A popular niche Influencer choice are mummy bloggers such as @die.kim, who look for hotels that are family-oriented and budget-friendly. Its use of Instagram scores a lot of brownie points for the various demographics it caters to.

What The Melita does differently in comparison is disseminate this message to millions of travellers who want to stay somewhere that’s family-friendly, can accommodate young children, and is near to family attractions. The Melita has successfully done this through Swayy. Since they are also a mid market 3* hotel, the use of influencers has been even more effective because their nightly rates are very reasonable for central London. Accordingly, their product offering appeals to a large number of the influencers’ followers.

Instagram Marketing Strategy Analysis

Let’s start on a more obvious note: a quick overview of the current social media trends shows that travel is arguably the most popular thing to update on Instagram. Friends and family have posted their holiday shots countless times, giving us travel goals. Moreover, influencers who give recommendations on the best spots to stay make a huge impact. Insider knowledge on where to eat, drink or visit adds to the authenticity of content. Such snaps are apt at telling a visual story through their snapshots. In turn, we start to build up a rapport with them, trusting their thoughts and views (even if deep down we know they’re being sponsored).

The reality is that the content speaks for itself. There’s only so much they can do make the photo look appealing. The incredible views, amenities or services are exactly what they appear. They just look a little more appealing when there is a beautiful person in the shots. Instagram as a social image-sharing platform has gained a lot of popularity with its aesthetically pleasing tools. It is also the fastest growing social network, making it very attractive to venues and brands.

The digital landscaper

Analysing the digital landscape, the aforementioned hotels are currently riding the Influencer Marketing wave and gaining huge momentum. In comparison to local Leisure Businesses such as your local Italian restaurant, hotels need to do the heavy lifting to attract prospective customers, as they are competing on a global scale. These prospective customers are deciding where the next holiday is going to be, what kind of experience they want, where should they stay, should it be a relaxing or adventure holiday, the list never ends. The key point is in catching their attention before they have even planned a trip to London or NYC. This is exactly what The Sofitel and Melita are doing. In hotel revenue manager speak, they capture the customer before they even reach the sales funnel. Meanwhile, their competitors don’t even know that they’ve lost a prospective customer because they are oblivious to this.

In an increasingly competitive market, hotels have got to be extremely innovative to market themselves and have a truly amazing value proposition to attract tourists/travellers. Unlike restaurants, hotels usually have more resource capability to provide wider offerings and experiences to their customers and the target audience is on an international level. The hotels that are keeping up with the technology curve are effectively using Influencer Marketing to out smart their competitors, boost brand awareness, and ultimately revenue over the long term. It’s intuitive. In the simplest terms, all they’re really doing is going to where their prospective customers are and they’re using personal recommendations accompanied with beautiful images to sell their venues to these prospective customers.

The downtown city hotels discussed in this blog are clearly in a competitive space for demanding customers spoilt for choice in a small area. To better distinguish themselves, they have therefore equipped themselves with relevant Influencers to boost their brand profile by casting their magic and promoting that content to their followers. The Influencers that are most ideal are the ones that really understand what message the venue is looking to portray to potential customers about their value offering and they do so in a creative way with original aesthetically pleasing content.

How to effectively use influencer marketing with Swayy

Swayy’s innovative platform has been created to empower hotel businesses around the world to become tourist hotspots. We are aware of prospective customers’ social connectivity and decision making journey online. We are also aware that word of mouth marketing is the most authentic way to reach out to potential customers, increase revenues and keep existing customers engaged with your venue/brand. It’s simple, people tend to trust other people, not aggressive ads shouting at customers.

Swayy in practice will help your venue find, analyse, book, pay for and evaluate Influencers in one simple transparent process. All hotel managers/marketing managers need to do is sign up, post an Ad that can be viewed by our pre-vetted lifestyle/travel Influencers (SwayyStars). Those interested shall apply to work with you. You can then select which Influencers work for you and book them according to your availability. Our SwayyStars, shall attend your venue and take carefully curated media content to spread the word. For more details on ‘How to work with Influencers on Swayy’, click here.

Through Swayy any hotel, anywhere in the world can collaborate with our network of Influencers. We have two suitable package options based on what features you would like to opt for. For more information on our packages, click here.

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