Influencer Marketing at Swayy – “Creating a winning advert”

So, you have decided you want to post an Ad. You’ve reviewed what our Ad package offers (click, for our package option), and you now need to know how to actually post a great Ad to attract the best, most suitable ‘SwayyStars’ to promote your venue.

At Swayy, we have two different Ad types (package options) depending on whether you are a venue or a Leisure Business Chain / Marketing agency. Most features are common to both our Ad types including having access to all sizes of Influencer. Just see the green ticks here to help you identify those: (see here). You will need to pay for your subscription before you can post an Ad, but once you’ve activated your subscription this is how you create a winning advert…

Venue Package

The package is designed for venues to use directly, and to give you an insight into how our platform works. It ensures that even the smallest hotel or pop up restaurant with restricted marketing budget can use Swayy.

To create an effective Ad, you just need go step by step down the “Post an Ad” page answering all the questions. It should only take a few minutes.

Most of the questions are self explanatory, so we’ll cut to the key parts:

  • Ad title”: You want to create an enticing, original Ad title which makes your Ad stand out.
  • Offering & Description”: This is what experience/services you are offering Influencers you want to work with. The very best Influencers have the luxury of choosing which leisure brands they want to work with, and this is one way to catch their eye.

Ad Title and Description










The next important question is when you want the Influencers to come: “Dates” and “Restrict times?”

Have a read of our top tip in grey in the image below. Alternatively, you can request Influencers to come when your venue is looking its best, and most buzzing. This is for 2 reasons. Firstly, that energy/atmosphere will almost certainly be relayed to the Influencer’s followers in the videos/images posted, and it will make the experience more enjoyable for the Influencer showing that you’re investing in long-term relationship with them. Different venues use different strategies. In our experience smaller venues prefer to invite Influencers at quieter times, and larger venues prefer to invite Influencers at the busiest of times.

Select date and time

After that you will see that you need to insert the “Number of Influencers required”. This is simply indicative and in reality you have complete control once you receive applications to accept and book as many Influencers as you like.

Turning now to the REQUIREMENTS section, these questions are designed to help you decide which Influencers you really want to work with. So, firstly select the size under “Size of Influencer on Instagram”. NB: this is just to indicate on the Ad which Influencers are of interest to you.

This is where that info is displayed on the live Ad which the Influencers see:

Live Ad information Influencers can view

Other Influencers may still apply, but the Influencer sizes you have selected will take priority in the list of applications for you to review.

As you can see the answers to the questions about Influencer’s location, No. of Images, No. of videos and No. of Boomerangs is displayed in the manner above. 
You do however have the option to increase the visibility of your Ad by using the ‘Featured’ Ad booster. In practice this means your ad will appear at the top of the package listing for 3,7,14 days based on the amount of time you buy.

The package has the ability to:

  • Display “Images” on the Ad:

Make sure the images you choose show your venue in it’s best light. Interestingly, you can actually use images created by Influencers once the’ve created them for you. On your first Ad you may not have these though so just use any (professional) images you can find (just remember to check that you have the rights to use those photos).

  • Request Videos and Boomerangs

Select number of videos & boomerang

If you want applicant Influencers

  • Require Influencers to use certain #Hashtags

Mention hashtags

We recommend Leisure Business post Basic Ads to enable this feature if they have a specific event they are looking to promote e.g. #HOXLFW which is a hashtag that the Hoxton hotels could use to promote specific LFW events at their hotels.

  • Promote your Ad further with Spotlight and Urgent Ad boosters

The Spotlight Ad booster can be used to showcase your Ad on the Influencer’s homepage.

The Urgent Ad booster can be used if you need Influencers urgently e.g. to promote a specific promotion, deal, or event. E.g. Halloween flash sale of 25% off all meals on Halloween weekend for customers dressed in halloween costumes. There is no use Influencers applying to this in December. Marking it Urgent signals this time pressure to the Swayy community, and will spark more interest from Influencers.

  • Specify the Location of an Influencer (If you have a preferred Influencer location in mind)

This can be used very effectively for Leisure Businesses looking for exposure/brand awareness/increased sales from a specific market.

Whilst many Influencers have a mixed international demographic of followers, the common theme is that Spanish Influencers have a dominant proportion of Spanish or Spanish speaking follower. Accordingly, if you are a London based hotel looking to boost your exposure to the Spanish market (perhaps because the pound is weak and the Euro is stronger making it more affordable for travellers on continental Europe to travel to London), then you can specify you’re looking for Spanish Influencers.

Enter Influencer location

We recommend you don’t be too specific to ensure you receive the widest pool of excellent candidates as possible though.

  • Dos and Don’ts the Influencer needs to follow

Arguably one of the most important features, this will enable you to specify exactly what you want Influencers to focus on. If you do not post an Ad specifying these then the Influencer will have full discretion about what is featured in the content. After all, it’s their creativity you are looking to capture.

  • Specify a specific date you would like all the posts to be shared

This is useful for Leisure Businesses who have a specific event or promotion which is ending and they need the content posted by a specific date. It is most effectively used in conjunction with an Urgent Ad booster so Leisure Businesses can attract Influencers quickly and then get them to post the content shortly after they’ve attended the venue. For example, there is a last minute Christmas promotion expiring on Christmas day and its the 20th of December. You only have 4 days for the Influencer to attend and post the content, which is easily do-able, but they need to know that you need them Urgently (i.e. have the Urgent Ad Booster), and they need to know what date you need the images posted by.

Leisure Business Chains & Agency Package

The Agency package will be most relevant to the needs of larger Leisure Businesses, chains and their marketing agencies.

Most importantly is the ability to add Unique Tracking Links so you track the number of bookings as a direct result of your Influencer campaign.

Some of the other key offerings are mentioned below:

  • Most hyper relevant Influencers can be approached on your behalf
  • Advisory assistance can be arranged on Instagram Content Strategy 
  • Downloadable reports are available to assist with measuring ROI and other useful features…

These services will allow you to gain the best insight on your Instagram marketing campaign and to get maximum returns on your marketing investment.

If you have any further questions about how to fill out an Ad which are not covered in this article please contact us, and one of our gurus will be in touch.


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