Influencer marketing: the good, the bad, and the ugly

Influencer marketing is the present and future of any successful marketing strategy. Gone are the days of pushy advertisements via TV, newspapers, and radios. As social media has grown so has the important role of the social media influencer; especially in terms of their marketing abilities. With Instagram having 500 million active daily users, it is one of the most profitable media channels in terms of finding influencers. What is more, 74% of people said that they trust social media to guide them to new purchasing decisions.

The Bad

Although statistics clearly back-up using influencers for marketing, that doesn’t mean it comes without any downfalls.

“I’ll do it. But only if it’s free”

Everyone knows that influencers don’t promote businesses for free. They have to get something out of the deal; even if this is with a trade of services via a “collab”. That’s why businesses become inundated with so called “influencers” asking for freebies. The issue is especially prevalent in the travel influencer market where hotels offer a discounted rate, or even a free room, for influencer content and coverage. But there is always the risk that the influencer won’t produce the work they promised if you do run collaborations manually without any process in place. That is why at Swayy we let the businesses take full control. Each venue creates a post detailing exactly what content they want and how the influencer will be compensated, and venues can check content and rate influencers based around what they’ve actually delivered. This eliminates the uncertainty. Find out more about how to find an influencer through Swayy here.

Fake followers

The success of a social media influencer is not measured by the number of followers they have but the level of engagement they receive. However, many of the “Instagram influencers” we see today have bought their followers. This is why it is vital that you check an “influencers” engagement rate before deciding to work with them and you use a tool to verify the quality of an influencer’s following. If you collaborate with a fraudulent influencer then your content will only be seen by bots. Work with an authentic influencer and your content will reach their thousands of potential customers. That’s why this is so important.

Haven’t I seen this post before?

One of the most important factors when working with an influencer is that original content is produced. However, there are several influencers who are copying content from other Instagram users and repurposing it as their own. This content stealing can range from copying and pasting captions onto their own photos, stealing actual photos and posting them on their own timeline, and even photoshopping themselves into another person’s content. It is vital that as a business you are actively using Instagram and social media channels. This will make it easier to spot the fakes when they come along. Again, another reason to ensure that you are only working with pre-vetted travel influencers who are genuine and have an authentic following.

No guaranteed success

Of course, the biggest thing to remember when working with Instagram influencers is that there is no guaranteed success. Although you can stack the odds in your favour if you work with the right ones, who reach the target market you’re looking to reach. If you simply work with any random influencer who contacts your venue, even if you are working with an authentic influencer who creates original content, there is no guarantee that your collaboration with them will be successful. This influencer may not have the right target market, your content may not have been posted at the right time, or perhaps the content just wasn’t engaging enough. After all, if there is no system in place to control the process, then the risk of things going wrong is significantly greater. Whatever the issue, the important thing to remember is that influencers cannot guarantee to propel your business to new heights. They can only try and help you get there.

The Good

Working with Instagram influencers isn’t a completely negative experience. In fact, working with influencers is proven to be one of the most successful ways to market a business.

Photos inspire

When a consumer sees a photo of a product being used it is easier for them to imagine themselves using it. For example, a travel influencer takes a photo of themselves on a beach in Italy. They tag the exact location they are in. After viewing the photo consumers are more likely to envisage themselves on said beach. With the help of the geotag this will hopefully lead the consumer to research the location and even book a holiday there. Using Instagram to market your destinations is an important part of Google’s “five stages of travel”.


The voice of the people

The bond between an influencer and their followers is unbreakable. People who follow influencers are usually doing so to find product recommendations. This means that if you are collaborating with an influencer the majority of their audience will positively respond to the content created. Because of the authentic relationship between an influencer and their audience your advertisement seems a lot less pushy than a traditional ad. Consumers will see it more as a recommendation from a friend than a sales pitch. This will automatically increase the number of people interested in what it is you and the influencer are selling.

Just like a bee, they create a buzz

Due to the successful nature of influencers whenever they promote a new product, they will create an instant buzz. People are interested in the lives of micro-influencers and therefore are interested in hearing about the products they are promoting. If you collaborate with an influencer, they will instantly generate more traffic to your website and social media pages, and therefore increase the amount of business you receive.

How can Swayy help?

At Swayy we pre-vet all of our influencers. This means that we run them through a fake follower device that detects any bots or fake followers an influencer may have. Once you have picked the influencer you want to work with from our extensive – and legitimate – list, you can then contact them via our Swayy chat. You can stay in touch with your influencer throughout the whole collaboration. Using Swayy makes collaborating with authentic influencers hassle free and results in a higher success rate in comparison to doing it alone.

If you think we can help and would like to sign up to Swayy, click here. Or if you would like to hear more about what we do, click here.



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