How hotels/restaurants currently use Influencer Marketing

The New Marketing Paradigm

While Influencer Marketing is a relatively new form of promoting brands and reaching out to potential customers, many leisure brands have realized its importance and launched their campaigns. You know Instagram is already a HUGE game-changer. When flipping through your Instagram account you will have already seen other brands partnering up with Influencers. 

Swayy identifies and resolves the problems

You may think those campaigns look pretty successful and now you want to know more about how those venues connect with Influencers.

While researching the Influencer Marketing process we identified various problems venues are currently experiencing. As a result, Swayy developed a solution to these problems. Swayy uses cutting edge technology to give leisure businesses the tools to easily find, evaluate, book, pay and review Influencers; Influencers that are most relevant to their venue and target customer base.



So how do hotels/restaurants currently engage in Influencer Marketing?

In short, the current ways are: inefficient, expensive and time-consuming.

Method 1: Searching aimlessly for people who look like Influencers

Many companies attempt to sift through Instagram’s 500 million global users. They are trying to find an Influencer worthy of their venue or product. While this “Do It Yourself” method may be the cheapest, time is wasted. So it depends on how much you value your time. Further, this is amplified by the fact that you will need to email each Influencer an invitation individually and then start a lengthy, laborious negotiation process. Venues simply do not have that kind of time.

“Fake” followers

When you look at the data available another major issue arises… The only information that can be extracted from an Influencer Instagram account is their username, photos and follower accounts. Furthermore, their “Followers” list could be packed with “Ghost Followers” that are completely inactive and of no value to your venue.


Clearly, this method will waste precious time. There are simply too many users and not enough available information about the Influencer. Using the “aimless search method” will not locate an Influencer that is right for your venue or leisure brand.  

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Method 2: Hire a PR Agency

This definitely has some more pros than Method 1. With a PR Agency, you receive services tailored to your needs and with that service comes some benefits. Firstly, you avoid the need to vet your own Influencers. Secondly, you gain access to Influencers who have an established relationship with the agency.

The drawbacks of traditional PR campaigns

They can be costly and holds drawbacks. PR Agency Influencer campaigns costs begin at £5,000 and range up to £10,000+ a pop. This excludes nearly all small/medium sized hotels/restaurants. With regular campaigns, venues will need serious funding. Furthermore, your relationship and entire campaign is under the direction of the PR Agency, meaning you must rely on them for every decision made.

Instagram versus PR campaign

Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media platforms. A brand shouldn’t be limited from partnering with new and exciting Influencers due to limitations of the PR Agency.  Relationships with Influencers is essential to Instagram marketing but with Swayy and Instagram, YOU develop the relationships with your Influencers.  You are in control of your marketing campaign.  You make the decisions.  Consequently, you experience the success of effective campaigns that connect with your potential future customers.

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Method 3: Wait to be approached directly by Influencers

From time to time Influencers reach out to venues directly.  While this gives venues the upper hand in negotiating with Influencers, there are some things to consider. See Who are the Influencers on Swayy?

Challenges of DIY Influencer Marketing

While you may want a top Influencer to promote your brand, you shouldn’t expect a top influencer to come knocking. Have an event and need an Influencer urgently? Don’t expect this method to work on time. And even then, you are still hugely vulnerable to the “fake follower” issue. In fact, Swayy’s research shows that smaller Influencers (10-30k followers) use this method more regularly than they should. Those are the highest risk Influencers.

Swayy’s Solution:

Luckily, Swayy has identified these problems and its team of leisure/marketing/technology gurus have spent months working to create the solution. Swayy has an efficient algorithm (dubbed “Swayy Sauce”) that solves all the Influencer evaluating problems and gives venues an easy user interface with which to connect. 

The “Swayy Sauce”

With Swayy you can save time by tapping into a verified network. And since Swayy’s network continually evaluates and updates an Influencer’s Instagram account, Influencers with fake followers are vetted before they’re even granted access. Best of all, Influencers are continually monitored.  This gives you, as a venue, peace of mind. While you are in control of your relationship with the Influencers you choose, you can also review Influencers just like you do an Uber driver with a simple 5-star system. Campaigns can be small or huge yet still extremely manageable and infinitely more affordable than using a PR Agency.

 Swayy Metrics


Heaps of math are behind the Swayy Score

With Swayy’s rigorous metrics, everyone works professionally and effectively together. Everything you need to manage the relationships with your Influencers is provided by the easy-to-use interface.  Swayy’s platform provides a messenger system.  It also has a Dropbox-style referral system. With the Swayy system, venues can order images, videos or Boomerangs from Influencers.

Take the next step with Swayy

With Swayy you can step forward with Influencer marketing. Leisure Businesses now have easy and complete access to the most powerful Influencers in a safe, easy, affordable and trustworthy way. Partnering with an Influencer on Instagram is a powerful decision that can help your venue compete successfully in the Leisure Business market.


 Inefficient & Risky

  • Current methods are unmanageable
  • Do-It-Yourself methods cannot identify fake followers
  • Current methods lack important information and data insights, such as how often Influencers visit hotels/restaurants
  • The PR Agency method can save you time but comes at a great cost


  • PR Agencies are pricey.
  • Partnering with the wrong type of Influencer can be very damaging to your brand, it could lose you the trust of many potential clients.
  • Your time is valuable. Wasted time connecting with the wrong Influencers (with ghost followers) is costly.

Time Consuming

  • Evaluating Influencers manually is a time-consuming process. It costs you valuable time that can be used for other operations.
  • If a PR Agency takes care of this process it is still inefficient and risky. When you consider how many Instagram users are active (literally hundreds of millions!), it would take an army of employees to evaluate and re-evaluate Influencers. 

Join Swayy Today: 

Swayy can help you find the right Influencers. Swayy helps you manage the Influencer application process. With Swayy, venues have a method for analysis, booking, organization, messaging and feedback technology. Finally, it’s all packaged in one easy to use platform. See How Swayy Works


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