Influencer Marketing: How to Influence Hotel Guests with Influencers

What is IM?

Influencer marketing is the new buzzword in marketing. Growing from the traditional form of ‘word of mouth’ marketing it has become the new go-to must for growing hotel brand awareness and driving direct hotel bookings. Whilst digital ‘word of mouth’ marketing has become the most successful marketing tool, it can be challenging to create.

Influencer marketing has levelled the playing field for small to medium-sized venues who in the past could not compete with the larger chain/franchise hotels. These days even small boutique hotels can gain a worldwide customer base by using Influencer marketing.

As Instagram influencer marketing continues to soar in popularity marketers are acknowledging its importance as a key campaign element in growing brand awareness and customer loyalty. For more inspiration look at How Hot Hotels use Influencer Marketing.

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Influencing through Instagram influencer marketing increases bookings consistently once it’s implemented through a regular campaign – which emphasises the venue’s unique selling points and harnesses the power of recall marketing. Setting up and starting an influencer marketing campaign is simple and easy to do if you follow a few basic guidelines:

1. Target your audience.

First and foremost, targeting your audience will form the foundation of your influencer campaign. With a solid interactive website for your hotel and with comprehensive Google Analytics installed, you should have enough data to profile your customers:  where they live, their average age, their lifestyle, etc.  These profiles are important because they will help you define how you select your influencers. Even if you don’t have this, you can ask your Online Travel Agents who should have all this data on your hotel. Wondering about what to do with that information now and how influencers can help? Take a look at who Swayy influencers are and drop us a line!

2. Choose your influencer.

This is where Swayy can step in. Swayy has already pre-vetted Influencers for you. With Swayy you can search for digital Influencers according to the same defining points that you need to reach your target consumers. With Swayy you can view the key details of Influencers who want to work with your hotel and decide if they match your requirements giving you full control. You can find more in-depth information on Swayy’s FAQs page. 

3. Engage your influencers.

Once you have decided which Influencers perfectly match your goals and expectations, you can book them in, control the entire process with little risk of Influencers not delivering what they have promised. Just watch this video and find out how to sign up and connect with influencersYou will be joining the fast-growing number of hotels using Instagram Influencing to become a go-to destination for customers, while also reaching a more diverse customer audience.

Influencer Marketing

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