How do Influencers Increase their Earnings on Instagram?

In the modern world, consumers, especially the younger generation, relate most to their fellow social media users, both friends and influencers alike. As a result, many brands and venues incorporate influencer marketing into their digital marketing campaigns.

In hospitality, the trade of room nights or a meal for exposure is common. In other industries, namely fashion and consumer goods, influencer earnings are booming.

But how are influencers increasing their earnings?

Defining social media trends:

Being a social media influencer can become a full-time job is done correctly. However, it requires an evident passion and ability to create high-quality content on a regular basis. Furthermore, an influencer has to build up a loyal audience in order to succeed in a world increasingly defined by social media.

Many companies reach out to social media users and micro-influencers in order to find their next brand ambassadors. They may offer them discounts or free products to review. Collaborations, though, require a lot of work to creatively promote them so that there is a mutually beneficial relationship. This means that influencers are often paid for their work. It’s quite common now for whole fashion lines to sell out overnight simply because the top fashion bloggers have been promoting them, so this is now big business.

Why should influencers be paid for their work?

In reality, influencers can be the most valuable point of contact with the future customer. Their reach, being more personal in nature than that of pop-up ads or other digital advertising, is extremely valuable for current marketing campaigns.

An influencer can include sponsored social media posts on Instagram, or incorporate affiliate marketing into their content. A venue’s marketing strategy must, therefore, include paying influencers either a fixed fee, or a pre-determined percentage of the reward for a sale.


Compliance with legal marketing guidelines

For travel and food influencers Instagram is definitely the best platform to share their quality content with their audience. In fact, 58% of the world population use Instagram, according to the recent report by Global Web Index. As a result, 59% of influencers choose Instagram as their primary platform to engage with their followers.

However, , to increase their earnings and remain ethically correct, influencers must work in line with legal marketing guidelines.

In the United Kingdom, the new January 2019 guidelines for influencers have just been published on the official government website. In summary, they require all influencers to be transparent about their brand and venue affiliations, which means disclosing all current and previous relationships with brands. (NB this is exactly why we have had the ability to require disclosure on all Swayy listings for a few years already.) Whilst they may still be subject to change as influencer marketing evolves, these guidelines are crucial for highlighting the transparency so needed in the modern world.

These legal marketing guidelines are essential knowledge for all influencers, their followers, and the brands they choose to partner with. For the audience, they offer clarity and transparency concerning paid and sponsored content on an influencer’s profile. This maintains the authenticity of an influencer’s content and prevents the proliferation of harmful, undeclared collaborations. This is of great importance in an era which often sees traditional advertising techniques as untrustworthy. Disclosing collaborative relationships with brands and tagging those brands in Instagram posts will lead to higher traffic on those venues’ and brands’ social media accounts. It can, therefore, mean higher ROI and increased profit for brands.

Influencers should be working with brands aligning with their values

It is vital for both influencers and brands alike to choose the right collaborative partner. If you are promoting products and places in line with your values, it is clearly visible and will provide a greater authenticity for your followers. It will also lead to greater engagement, which is crucial for the success of influencer marketing.

It is clearly visible when you are passionate about something, and brands and venues are more likely to approach the influencers whose passion and knowledge are evident. These people are distinguishable from others because of their engaged audiences and excellent, consistent content. The passion and quality that brands see on a social media profile will act as a determinant for higher paid opportunities.

Responsible travel

If you are travel influencer, one thing to keep in mind as you venture into different parts of the world is travelling responsibly and respecting other cultures.

Moreover, once again, if you are passionate about what are you doing and the places you are visiting and staying, it will mirror in your content. This, in turn, that may lead to greater collaboration opportunities for the future.

Taking location shots in a beautiful environment will definitely appeal to your followers, but you should never forget about the indigenous people and their traditions. For your audience, looking through your Instagram as a source of inspiration for their future travels, it is essential to keep to remain respectful and educate your followers on what it means to spend time in communities other than your own. In today’s world, many young people take a great interest in sustainability and responsible behaviour towards different cultures. Keeping these issues in mind will guarantee you loyal audiences and the right opportunities from the venues that align with your values. Check our post on Do’s and Don’ts of influencer marketing.

How can Swayy help?

At Swayy we strongly advocate, responsible, and transparent influencer marketing. After all, it’s only going to get more and more prevalent.

Swayy is a platform offering easier collaboration between venues in the hospitality industry and the right influencers. For hotels, it allows for posting opportunities and stating, in advance, the deliverables they require. In addition, Swayy’s influencers are all pre-vetted, so the anxiety many brands face concerning fake followers and unreliable partnerships are bypassed from the word ‘go’!

For influencers, Swayy allows the freedom to choose the venues that are most aligned with their own brand image. Venues also provide clear guidelines of what they require on a particular job – whether there is a specific type of pictures or videos they want – which means that collaboration will be easier and without hassle. The influencer knows the requirements and what’s in it for them at the outset.


If you are an influencer looking for a successful collaboration, sign up with Swayy today or read more about influencer marketing on our website.