Why Influencers should be paid for their work?

Ads? “What’re they?” That’s the direction we’re headed into come 2017. Influencer Marketing is taking over and you may not even notice it. That’s the point. Let us elaborate. Influencers are the new more subtle versions of Ads. View it like Ad version 2.0 which is an update on traditional Ads 1.0 (TV, Radio, Billboards etc). Version 2.0 is better because there’s no screaming at the consumer.

Let’s look at an example, go on Instagram and take a look at @weworewhat and you’ll see Danielle Bernstein – a stylish 23 year old New Yorker with 1.5 million followers. Only one part of that sentence stands out… 1.5 million followers. For any naïve person, you’d assume she’s a celebrity of some sort and you’re trying to think which scene of a movie you saw her in. Wrong. “You mean she’s just a trendy girl who posts photos of her perfectly curated outfits?” Yes, that is the brilliance behind Influencers. 

The same principles apply across many industries. So far fashion has been the fastest to embrace Ads v2.0, a.k.a Influencer marketing. Through Swayy, Leisure Businesses have the tools to do this too in a simple, fast, safe way.

As Influencers come to rise, so do the leisure brands and venues who work with them. In 2015, Danielle claimed she made a whopping $15,000 for each Instagram post.

Brands have acknowledged the rise of Influencer marketing and found it a profitable strategy, albeit a long term one. It’s commonly known that 92% of consumers trust an Influencer more than an actual endorsement. Traditional Ads make more and more of us run the other way because they’re so in your face. It’s just blatantly obvious, who likes being shouted at? You’ll run away before even seeing the quality/benefits of the product.

Influencer marketing is organic or much more authentic. Nobody is openly selling you anything but you’re still interested in trying/buying the product/service because you can picture yourself enjoying that experience. For example, I go on Instagram and see an outfit. I like this one by Danielle.


I click to see if the items are linked and just like that I now know where I can get those elegant knee high boots, the rose-colored skirt and her trendy choker.
Exactly the same principles apply for Leisure Businesses. Although instead of wanting to buy that outfit, you are in fact visually transported to a venue creating a desire for you to go there at the earliest possible opportunity.

One successful fashion brand has utilised Influencers so well that every girl was wearing or dying to wear a Triangl swimming costume. This Aussie company gifted bloggers a costume of their choice and all they had to do was wear it. They didn’t even ask for them to post a photo, they just had to wear it. How do I know this? I was even gifted a Triangl suit. I’m not a hot shot blogger, I am a college student who loves fashion, senses good fashion and shares what I love. I loved my suit so I naturally took photos in it. They even created an Instagram page called Triangl Girls which has 105k followers and their actual account has 3 million! The company is 4 years old and their prime rise to fame was through Instagram. You can find Kim Kardashian sporting one.

This is a first hand example of the power of Influencers. Now for Leisure Businesses there is an added layer of complexity because Influencers need to actually be able to attend the venue. As such there are more logistics involved than just sending out a package to Influencers. That’s where Swayy’s simple booking process comes in handy. This enables venues to book Influencers at convenient times (i.e. when venues are quietest to minimise the opportunity cost or when venues are busiest to maximise the quality of the atmosphere/experience for the Influencer).

It goes without saying that working with Influencers can have a HUGE impact even for smaller businesses. That means that of course they should be paid. As with everything in life, you get what you pay for. However negotiating and organising to pay Influencers on a case by case basis is hugely time consuming, so again Swayy has solved this problem to ensure that venues have a clear and simple pricing system for Influencers based on their reach, as well as a safe mechanism for payments to be made through PayPal or Stipe. Swayy was in fact designed with the smaller venues in mind which is why the rates you will see on a CPM (cost per one thousand impressions) basis are far better value than those found elsewhere.

Click on our Leisure Business FAQs  section, to see examples of prices for Influencers.

If you were ever in doubt about why Influencers should be paid, hopefully now you can see just how valuable they are. They are credible, trustworthy brand advocates who target customers already interested in your type of venue. It couldn’t be more powerful.

To read more, check out our blog post on “How to work with Influencers on Swayy”. Stay Swayy!



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