4 Steps to Build and Maintain Relationships with Instagram Influencers on Swayy

Investing in Instagram Influencers

The amount of digital content currently being disseminated to consumers is enormous and can sometimes be overwhelming. This is where Instagram influencers comes in. They can deliver a message to their followers in a clear, concise and aesthetically beautiful way. Swayy helps leisure businesses identify the right influencers to work with. This also helps consumers receive relevant content on all social media platforms. The key to maintaining that relationship is to invest in it for a long term – something which Swayy can help leisure businesses do. Here are our 4 steps you should take to build and maintain excellent relationships with Instagram Influencers on Swayy:

Find Instagram influencers who are the right fit for your venue

Finding the right relationship fit between your venue and brand and an influencer is a two way process. And the best way to address this is to put yourself in each other’s shoes.

Firstly, make your requirements clear in your listing (to learn more, read Creating a winning advert on Swayy). Be clear on what you’re looking for, and if necessary specify the “dos and don’ts” so influencers who apply are under no illusion as to your expectations. Just like in any successful relationship, set the ground rules at the outset.

Secondly, influencers will apply to venues they want to work with. They will review your offering and most likely Google your venue to see if you’re a venue they want to work with. The most successful Instagram influencer campaigns and the highest content quality are driven by the influencer being intrinsically motivated. Of course they’re being paid, so they’re extrinsically motivated too (take a look at Why influencers should be paid?), but they will go the extra mile if they are really passionate about your brand so don’t be shy about saying what your brand ethos is and what your expectations are from the influencer for the Ad. 

Based on the combination of financial reward  and interest, influencers will ensure quality of the images, and the venue will be happier with the content produced if the Influencers are the right fit for a particular venue.  

In order to help you find the right fit, carefully review the metrics provided by Swayy to evaluate each applicant influencer. This ensures you are maximising the alignment of brand ethos, and therefore the ROI on that particular influencer. Once you identify the right Instagram influencer for you. The next step is to:

Provide a checklist of requirements for the influencer

Creating a checklist of requirements beforehand, helps a venue focus on their business goals and communicate their specific needs to the influencer. These needs can even be as specific as, highlighting certain features of your venue that can have a huge impact in attracting customers. The featured “dos and don’ts” list, will enable you to specify exactly what you want influencers to focus on, saving time on any rework required in case the content created by the Influencer does not meet your expectation.

In case you do not specify the “Dos and Don’ts”, the influencer will have full discretion about what is featured in the content. And although it’s their creativity you are looking to capture, you still need to maintain representation of your venue.

Another significant detail that is used for promotional purposes is the use of hashtags or social mentions highlighting a business online, or a specific campaign or a special event. An example of this would be: #HOXLFW, which is a hashtag that the Hoxton hotels could use to promote specific LFW events at their hotels.

For large hotel/restaurant chains, Swayy’s most elite package is called ‘Agency’. This will enable you to target the most relevant Instagram influencers available in our database.    

Give due credit to the influencer

Since Influencers are making a huge impact, they are now an integral part of many marketing budgets. However, evaluating how much an Influencer needs to be paid on a case by case basis is time consuming. Therefore, Swayy has a clear and simple pricing system based on an instagram influencer’s reach. Besides payment, influencers need further feedback and support from venues in terms of venues voicing their opinion about their experience with the influencer.

The feedback system on Swayy allows venues to give their rating from 1-5*. Venues should provide fair and timely ratings when influencers have sent their job completion requests. It is essential that the requirements remain consistent with the requirements set out in the Ad to avoid any confusion.

Engage with influencers

On Swayy you can nurture relationships with individual influencers. It’s very easy to save your preferred influencers and invite them to future jobs. This influencer Relationship Management feature will help you build up your relationships with these Influencers over the long term

An influencer seeks to build relationships with a venue who can help boost their own brand. A simple way to keep the venue’s relationship with an influencer ongoing is to interact and engage at regular intervals with Influencers. Subscribing to their blog or following them on social channels can keep you up to date on their current activities and open up whole new perspectives of what they have to offer. Swayy understands this and has an Instant Messenger for providing a problem free way to communicate, ensuring you have access to all the past communications taken place with the instagram influencer.

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