A Swayy Messaging Etiquette Tutorial

Swayy Direct Messages

Whether you’re a venue or an Influencer messaging, the messaging etiquette is the same.

Direct contact will be made using the Swayy private messaging system (aka “Swayy chat”). Think Facebook messenger.

In order to make sure you secure as many collaborations as possible (if you’re an Influencer), or you secure the Influencers that fit your property/brand best (if you’re a property), here are a few suggestions for professional messaging etiquette:

1. Avoid abbreviations and emoticons.

Keep any abbreviations and emoticons for your personal messages, not for your business ones. They are too casual for professional messages and can easily be misunderstood. If you wouldn’t say it out loud in a business conversation, don’t put it in your Swayy messages. It’s much easier to just type out the whole word or leave out smiley faces than risk it going wrong or looking juvenile.

2. Remember your audience.

Make sure your tone is formal and check your language for any spelling and grammar mistakes each time you write a message. Remember that you are messaging a business looking for a professional service (if you’re an Influencer) , and not your friends in a group chat. Tone can very easily be misunderstood (especially if English is not your first language) when words are written down and not spoken, so take some time to read through your message to make sure it’s as polite and simple as possible.

Never type in caps or use slang that you wouldn’t find in a business environment. Spelling, grammar and punctuation are also key. Proofread everything you send in order to avoid giving a bad impression through easily avoidable mistakes. If you’re not sure, you can always have a friend check what you have written.

3. Be prompt in your replies.

Businesses, or busy Influencers, won’t wait around for you to reply to them if other people are getting there first. Sending the right message is only half the work, you have to send it as quickly as possible too. This shows that you are organised and easy to work with. Whilst paying attention to the first two points, also try to be as active on the Swayy messaging system as possible. No one wants to miss opportunities because they simply forgot to check their messages. If you want to favourite messages or mark them as unread to come back to later you can easily do this by clicking on the star or the eye on the chat:

4. Answer questions clearly and without ambiguity.

A direct message is direct for a reason. Use them to lay out information as clearly as possible, so don’t put anything unnecessary in them. Avoid trying to be funny or clever, instead focus on giving the business what they need to know as simply as possible. This will make it much easier for venues to read through your message and approve your application. The sooner they know if you’re a good fit, the sooner you can be approved for a listing.

5. Sign your messages respectfully.

Greetings and sign-offs are the first and last thing anyone reading the message sees, so make sure to make a good impression. When you and the business have reached the goal of your messaging, sign off with a clear departure, such as a thank you or a promise to follow up soon. Signing your message with a “Kind regards” or “Thanks for your time” alongside your name creates a great professional impression.

If you’re looking for an example, here’s a great one:

An example of a Swayy message.


6. Do NOT take conversations off Swayy chat.

There are so many reasons for this. This protects both sides, so in the event of an issue e.g. an influencer not delivering or a property not providing what was promised etc. we can login quickly and resolve the issue. Moreover, it’s in everyone’s interest. It means both venues and influencers can keep all collaborations in one place and not risk messages being all over the place causing chaos.


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