Why this one hotel has a content creator living there all year around?

Influencer marketing is a major tool in the hospitality industry with more and more properties wanting to benefit from the help of content creators in order to raise brand awareness, social engagement or even increase direct booking sales.

What is a content creator?

A content creator or an influencer is a person who has managed to attract an online presence which has authority over an audience on their social media channels. It doesn’t have to be a huge audience.  Likewise, they have the ability to create engaging content for their loyal followers who trust their opinions and recommendations.

Brands and hotels have been collaborating with influencers for some time now, but not rarely in the right way. Being able to take spectacular pictures that could capture a place in ways you never thought of is something content creators are experts at and it has been proven that pictures are essential for successful marketing content which dominates the dreaming and planning phase of the booking journey.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like living in a hotel for 365 days?

Joonas Pesonen, also known as Finland’s most positive influencer in 2017, has been lucky enough to win a competition held for Finnish social media influencers with the prize being nothing else but a free stay at two hotels in Helsinki for a whole year starting 1st of February 2019. Staying at a hotel for a whole year is going to give him plenty of time to find out if a hotel room can actually feel like a home or not.

The opportunity to live at either Clarion Hotel Helsinki or Clarion Hotel Helsinki Airport will give Pesonen the ability to examine how a hotel room functions as a home and how life in the heart of the hotel’s services feels like, being the first influencer to ever do so.

The experiences Pesonen is going to go through are not going to be missed by his loyal social media followers who are going to be part of this journey. Also, he is going to participate in the development of the services and concepts of the hotel because who knows better what a customer wants if not an influencer who has access to people’s opinions and reactions?

According to Pesonen himself, he counts the reasons why he applied for the contest in the first place “the sea view, flat screen TV, big bed, hotel breakfast, new neighbours (who keep changing), an opportunity to develop as a content producer, and be involved in developing service design”. He then goes on and summarises it to “Stories, experiences. You know what I’m saying”.

From what he said, the fact that he won is not only beneficial for the hotel but for himself as well because by having all resources necessary he can develop his skills, improve his posts or engage better with his followers. He shows excitement for the year ahead by simply saying “This year will be extraordinary”.

He also encourages his followers to join him for a drink in the hotel’s sky bar or for a cup of coffee during breakfasts. This way, not only does he improve his relationships with his followers by trying to meet them and actually get to know them, but it helps the hotel’s brand as well. Because of his huge number of followers, the hotel is getting the exposure needed in order to increase brand awareness and bring in more customers.

Sharing the same values with the person you choose to work with is essential as this guarantees a smooth collaboration and eventually, success. Pesonen himself shares that he and the Clarion hotels share the same values with “positive mind-set, sustainability and transparency” being some of them.

He continues by saying that “this is the craziest thing I have ever done and of course I am excited. I am not looking for glamour – instead, I am expecting to find a real sense of community. I believe that this year-long project will create a completely different kind of credibility for how collaborations can look. Authenticity is essential because the hotel life will be present in my everyday life 24/7.”

Are you questioning why this hotel chose to do this?

If you’re wondering why this hotel group chose to offer Pesonen a whole year of accommodation and hotel services, you might want to learn more about influencer marketing and how effective it is.

Old marketing ways like billboards or TV ads are expensive and they might not work as well as influencer marketing does.  It’s even harder for hotels/venues to promote their brands because of the comfort of ad blocking software that is easy to access and free to use. Content creators can help and bring benefits to you and your brand as they already have an engaged and loyal audience who listen and trust their opinions.

Likewise, experimenting with how a hotel room can function as a home can be beneficial for both the hotel groups and for Pesonen. The hotel will gain insights on how the performance of the hotel is going, how to improve their services and will gather enough information to know if their facilities are being given at their best. From a guest experience point of view, he will be able to produce content that can be re-used across the hotel’s various marketing channels, and ultimately increase direct bookings to the hotel by those who are actively engaged in his journey and follow him.


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