How to repurpose your influencer marketing content to get maximum value

You’ve just finished an influencer campaign and your influencer has posted several successful Instagram pictures of your business. So, what can you do to maximise on this partnership and keep your business booming?

Why you should repurpose influencer content?

Repurposing influencer content is the easiest and most cost-effective way to keep your audience engaged. Your influencer has already created high-quality content for your business so re-using it will save you time on thinking up more ideas. Additionally, you already have a good idea of what audience the content appeals to, therefore, you can tailor your campaign to them. It’s very much a win-win situation. So, how do you repurpose influencer content?

Repost influencer content on your own social media

A 2017 study by Bloglovin found that 74% of marketing professionals are repurposing influencer content on their own social media channels. This will broaden the reach of the content which will in turn increase traffic and engagement. By reposting influencer content on your own social media, you are exposing your own followers to the content. This will grant you a much greater ROI.

A good example of a brand re-using influencer content on their own site is In2TheWild, as it can be seen in their photo bellow. They re-used travel influencer Jessica Steins’ Instagram post of herself and her family enjoying time together in an In2TheWild property. The photo received 55,712 likes and 261 comments. In2TheWild re-used the photo on their own Instagram thanking them for staying with them. Their re-post received a further 398 likes and 10 comments.

In2TheWild repurposing influencer content

@in2thewild.aus successfully repurposed @tuulavintage post

Reuse content for advertisements

Ad designing can be costly. As mentioned earlier, while campaigning with your influencer they will already have generated high-quality content. To save yourself money you can use this content for advertising campaigns. Bloglovin’s research found that 1 in 5 respondents admitted to re-using influencer content for their advertisements. Pairing an influencer’s content with a strong pitch can make for a very strong advert for your business.

Use influencer content as a testimonial

Reviews are a very powerful form of recommendation. An endorsement from an influencer is often considered to be more influential than a review from the every-day customer. When YouTuber and influencer Bekah Martinez posted a photo of herself wearing a top from online thrift store ThredUP she received 54,563 likes. This picture was then added to ThredUP’s blog page of recommendations. Using influencer content as a testimonial almost gives your business credibility. If your business is good enough for influencers – it will be good enough for their loyal followers.

ThreadUP repurposing influencer content

@thredup used @whats_ur_sign Instagram as a testimonial.

Use influencer marketing content in guest posts

Guests posts are great for SEO and driving traffic to your business’s website. It’s a tried and tested way of building links and creating brand awareness. Similarly to re-posting influencer content on your own social media channel, using influencer content on guest posts can help you reach a much wider following. Your business will be marketed to a completely new audience of potential customers outside of your influencer’s following. Not only will this hopefully increase your business’s customer base, but it will also increase your brand’s visibility.

Acquire more user-generated content

Having influencers creating content for your business is great, but it’s also worthwhile to get content from your average users. You can use influencers to help generate this content. Select an influencer whose content was particularly engaging and post it on your social media along with a message encouraging people to share their own experiences. Not only will this give you a lot more content that you can repurpose, but it can also inspire a sense of community and form a connection with your customers. Additionally, you will learn valuable customer feedback that will help you develop your business effectively.

One of the best examples of re-purposing influencer content to generate user content comes from women’s lingerie company Aerie. They have been running the campaign #AerieREAL on their website, which urges women to take unedited photos of themselves in Aerie lingerie and send them to the business. Journalist and writer Zazil Abraham teamed up with Aerie and posted her own #AerieREAL photo, which got 7,567 likes on Instagram. Alongside her picture, she used a caption that urged women to take their own photos and send them to Aerie. This was both an effective way of promoting the #AerieREAL campaign and getting user-generated content for the business.

Aerie re-purposing influencer content

@aerie used @zazilabraham to generate more user content.

Warning for re-using influencer content

Re-using influencer content is undoubtedly effective for your business, however, it does come with a warning. You must make sure to always give your influencer credit for their work. Forgetting to do this could damage your relationship with the influencer and prevent you from working with them on future campaigns.

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