Restaurants ruling the Influencer Marketing space

Are you reaching out to your customers using traditional methods like Facebook, Pay Per Click, email marketing etc? Of course you are, but so are your competitors! What if you could gain a competitive advantage by doing something different? Many of the most successful restaurants have steered towards the use of Influencer MarketingOf course, some of the common roadblocks that Leisure Businesses (LBs) encounter are discussed in Influencer Marketing: How Leisure Businesses Currently Do It. The LBs that are winning and beating their competition have overcome these through the use of effective solutions like Swayy.

Let’s discuss a few case studies on restaurants that are sure to generate interest for every potential customer out there. Each of them have unique offerings that appeal to niche demographics and each use Influencer Marketing via Instagram effectively to engage with them.

Farm Girl Cafe

A cafe inspired by Australian way of life, located on Portobello road, Notting Hill. Its founder, Rose Mann, brought up in an Australian dairy farm during her childhood is the source of its creative foundation. The cafe’s core team consists of a farmgirl, a farmboy, their farm Doc, a nutritionist expert who dons many hats, and their culinary master who brings food creativity to the table with a balance of both healthy and tasteful dishes. 
To sum it all up, the cafe aims primarily to provide food which is organic, nutritionally nurturing and simplistic at its core. Well, these values are quite popular and trendy in the eyes of the food industry. There seems to be a high inclination towards healthy and nutritionally rich food in this high tech digital age. The Farmlife Blog on their website provides valuable insight and advice on the food menu that is designed towards health conscious city individuals.

All of these key messages are effectively projected to hundreds of thousands of people interested in healthy, organic, nutritional food. This has helped Farm Girl cafe become the destination cafe in West London.

Instagram Presence

Farmgirl Instagram Influencer images
@farmgirlcafe Instagram images collage

Social presence on Instagram: 896 posts 21.1K followers
Social Interaction based on 10 random pics: 300-400 (average) likes 4-5 (average) comments
Popular Influencer characteristics: London based, foodie, athletes, lifestyle/travel bloggers, fashionistas, travellers etc
Influencers who’ve attended Farm Girl collectively reach millions of potential customers.

Pachamama London

A bar and kitchen of Peruvian origin and styling. Its unique menu is created with a Peruvian twist as well as Mexican influence on British ingredients, with its seafood being the talk of the town. Behind this fusion mix is a young British chef named Adam Rawson. Another one of Pachamama London’s sweet spots is their alcoholic beverage servings that are Pisco (Peruvian brandy) focused drinks bringing a Peruvian flavour to your senses.
Last but not least, its clubby energy during weekend dining along with a DJ and some in-house high tech Instagram fun makes it one of the top rated places to visit in London. But how did they get such great brand awareness without a big name chef like Gordon Ramsey or Jason Atherton behind it? The answer largely lies in their Influencer Marketing strategy…

Again, all of these key messages are effectively projected to hundreds of thousands of people interested in chic, cutting edge fusion food. This has helped Pachamama become one of the coolest destination restaurants in central London.

Instagram Presence

Pachamama London Influencer images

@pachamamalondon Instagram images collage

Social presence on Instagram: 1305 posts 10.1K followers
Social interaction based on 10 random pics: 180-200 (average) likes 4 (average) comments
Popular Influencer characteristics: London based local and foreign nationals, foodie, food/travel bloggers, photographers, fashionistas, travellers etc
Influencers who’ve attended Pachamama collectively reach millions of potential customers who pass through central London and are interested in fun fine dining.

Ivy Chelsea Garden

Yet another success story from Mr Caring and the Caprice Holdings clan. One of the most loved restaurants in Chelsea staying true to its theme, brings out the casual British culture of sipping tea in the garden. It is considered one of the most relaxing and traditional pastimes. There is not just tea on the menu but also an extensive selection of food and cocktails.
The restaurant is arranged with a wide range of different indoor and outdoor settings suitable for every occasion from breakfast to fine dining. If excellent food and stunning botanical illustrations satisfies your senses, then it may be worth visiting…especially if you want to try and integrate yourself into the Chelsea set.

Instagram Presence

Ivy Chelsea Garden Instagram Influencer image

@ivychelsgarden Instagram images collage

Social presence on Instagram: 236 posts 33.4K followers
Social interaction based on 10 random pics: 730-750 (average) likes 34 (average) comments
Popular Influencer characteristics: London based Non-British & British, foodie, lifestyle/travel bloggers, fashionistas, travellers etc
Influencers who’ve attended Chelsea Ivy Garden collectively reach millions of potential customers interested in brunching in one of Chelsea’s hippest venues.

Berners Tavern

Berners Tavern, an upscale restaurant part of the famous American hotelier Ian Schrager’s London Edition Hotel, provides a glamorous experience to those who want to indulge in the finest of food and ambience London has to offer. British in its heart and soul, its menu has a contemporary spin. Its interior has an aesthetic appeal that can transport you to a world of pure elegance and grandeur. A big contributing factor to its brand is the renowned Phil Carmichael, head chef of the most respectable and busy restaurant. So if you are ready to put your swag on and dress up to kill, you could pay a visit to this slick metropolitan spot that you know you have on your bucket list.

Instagram Presence

Berners Tavern Instagram Influencer image

@bernerstavern Instagram images collage

Social Presence on Instagram: 625 posts 17.9K followers
Social Interaction based on 10 random pics: 280 (average) likes 6 (average) comments
Popular Influencer characteristics: London & Foreign based nationals, foodie, food/lifestyle/travel bloggers, fashionistas, travellers etc
All of these key messages are effectively projected to millions of people interested in glamorous dining in this has helped Berners Tavern become the destination restaurant in Fitzrovia, the already trendy advertising district in London.

Instagram Marketing Strategy Analysis

Instagram, ‘the rising star of social media’ quoted by Forbes contributor, has proved to be a great platform for restaurants to reach out to customers glued to their smartphones who crave connectivity with brands. The restaurant’s covered above have quite a few things in common, but mostly:

  • Buzzing ambiance
  • Delicious looking food

and most importantly they…

  • Use Influencers / Brand ambassadors on Instagram

From the restaurant’s Instagram images, we can observe their effective use of Influencers and venue tagging/check-ins. Influencers are people who visit the venue, take and share great images to showcase the venue in it’s best light and are paid to do so (either by free goods/services e.g. they are given the meal for free, are paid to promote the venue or both). These images create a social buzz. Thus, automatically becoming brand ambassadors, spreading good word of mouth about the restaurants.

This channel of marketing is quickly dominating the digital market due to its very subtle use of promotion. Customers do not even realise they’re being targeted – it’s so subtle. Less really is more. The restaurants are quite familiar with the app and are quick to update their profiles and regram (i.e. re-posting) the Influencer generated pictures to their own social media followers as shown above. Most importantly, each restaurant has a unique vibrant personality and the Influencers really focus on those unique points to keep their fan base engaged.

Key metrics that amateurs who use Influencer Marketing rely on are the amount of followers Influencers have amassed and the number of likes and comments that have been generated. To really run an effective Influencer campaign however, venues ought to look at other metrics such as our very own Swayy Score, engagement rates, brand affinity and a range of others.

How to do Influencer Marketing effectively though Swayy

Swayy has solely been created to empower restaurants in the digital Influencer world to reach more relevant customers cost effectively through their phones. We have quickly caught onto the fact that word of mouth marketing is the most authentic way to reach out to potential customers, increase revenues and keep existing customers engaged with venues. It’s simple, people tend to trust other people, not some aggressive ad shouting at you.

Through Swayy any restaurant, anywhere in the world can have the same levels of brand exposure and increased sales as these successful, trendy restaurants without paying up to £15,000/month on PR Agencies. Yes, they really are that expensive.

Swayy in practice will help you find, analyse, book, pay for and evaluate Influencers in one simple transparent process. All you need to do is sign up and post an Ad that can be viewed by our pre-vetted Influencers (SwayyStars). Those interested shall apply to work for you. You can then select which Influencer works for you and book them according to your your availability. Our SwayyStars shall attend your venue and take carefully curated media content to spread the word. For more details on ‘How to work with Influencers on Swayy’, click here.

In practice this is a powerful way to utilise unsold inventory. Restaurants all over the world can effectively use unsold tables to host Influencers and promote the venue to huge numbers of interested potential customers.

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