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So you’re the marketing/PR/general manager for your hotel. You want to gain higher levels of occupancy. No surprises there. You’ve heard about influencer marketing, but you have some queries or hesitations. Swayy has interviewed dozens of managers in your position and has a few insights you might find interesting.

Swayy’s hotel and leisure booking platform

Swayy is the world’s first hotel booking website for digital Influencers.

Swayy’s Instagram influencer market-leading technology provides a leisure business with a channel to increase their brand equity towards millennials. Moreover, without the big costs associated with untargeted conventional marketing and PR.

Our primary goal is to help hotels take advantage of this powerful digital marketing channel to attract, delight and retain valuable customers effectively through their phones.

It is no secret that word of mouth marketing is the most effective way to reach out to potential customers in today’s selfie-society. And now social marketing for hotels is more simple than ever before. Further, people tend to trust the opinions of other people and not aggressive ads shouting at customers.

Leisure Business and Social Media

Common questions

Questions are good.  Consequently, here at Swayy, we encourage venue managers to ask questions. Firstly, you need information. Secondly, Swayy can provide the answers to your questions – and – we stand by our assurance to give you the very best in hotel digital marketing. Start learning about Swayy!

Swayy’s answers for your concerns

Here are some of the more common questions venues may pose when embarking on their Influencer marketing campaign.  Of course, any time you have a concern you can contact the team at Swayy – we’re here to help and make sure that your influencer marketing campaign runs smoothly.

  • “How do we know the person we’re booking, actually owns the Instagram account?”
  • “How do we know an Influencer has real followers?”
  • “Will we be able to evaluate an Influencer other than comparing the number of followers they have?”
  • “Do we control what Influencers focus on, and the messaging & style they use?”
  • “How much should we be paying them?”
  • “Can we control who they come with?”
  • “What if they don’t post what they were supposed to post?”
  • “We don’t have any way of voicing our experience working with an Influencer!”

Through technology, Swayy has developed solutions for all of these issues.

Leisure Influencer Marketing Searches

    Online searches are growing exponentially

Using the Swayy system for hotel digital marketing, leisure venues get the benefit of combined technology and functionality from the likes of Uber, Dropbox, Airbnb and Up Work, as well as our very own.

Swayy’s solutions

  1. “How do we know the person we’re booking, actually owns the Instagram account?”

Swayy verifies with Instagram that the Influencer who applies to Swayy is actually the person who owns the account. This means venues can rest assured they are getting the Influencer portrayed in the adverts.

  1. “How do we know an Influencer has real followers?”

Firstly, every Influencer on Swayy is run through our Fake Follower detection system. This is a world first for hotels. Secondly, we don’t just stop at the evaluation when they sign up. Likewise, our systems regularly monitor Influencer’s and their followers for unusual patterns of behaviour.

  1. “We get so many people contacting us – How do we know an Influencer is of any value to our venue?”

Swayy has designed its own method, a system of metrics, called the SwayyScore. Why is this important? Not only does our algorithm evaluate Influencers on their leisure and travel expertise, but it also quantifies how much impact the Influencer has on leisure business purchasing decisions by analysing the content Influencers post, and the credibility of their images.

How does the Swayy system work?

Once a venue posts an advert, Influencers will apply and the venue can then evaluate all of them. Following this first step, a venue selects and orders content from the applicants, and works with only those that fit with their branding strategy and style. This gives you, as a venue manager, full control. You will not only see the applicant Influencer’s key Instagram and Swayy metrics but also their past 5 Instagram shots. You can find out more about how the system works here. 

Swayy provides venues with various details including:

  1. “How do we evaluate an Influencer other than comparing the number of followers they have?”

What to look for when you are evaluating influencers

  • How often the Influencer attends hotels. This signals how interested their followers are in hotels.
  • Engagement rates for likes and comments: For instance, how engaged the followers are with their posts.
  • How often they post. This is a signal about how active they are with their followers.
  • Where they’re from. In short, it’s a good indication of where their followers are most likely to be from. This enables venues to target Influencers from specific markets to align with Sales targets/overall branding strategy. Also, leisure venues can utilize Swayy’s own SwayyScore, the world’s leading metric to evaluate leisure expertise.
Swayy Instagram Influencing


Social media marketing with Swayy

  1. “How do we control what Influencers focus on and the messaging style they use?”

With Swayy’s package offerings, you can specify exactly what Influencers should and should not focus on in the Do’s and Don’ts list. This gives you complete control and will help generate the high-quality organic content which you seek. Also, Influencers receive a list of Do’s and Don’ts before they attend a venue.

  1. “How do we know how much we should be paying them?”

We have taken all the stress, time and costs out of negotiating with every single Influencer on a case-by-case basis. Pricing is simple. You can see more details on our FAQs page. If you choose to order content from an Influencer when you select what you’d like to order you will see the breakdown of the costs before you proceed.

Eliminating the guesswork

  1. “How do we control who they come with?”

You can specify the number of guest Influencers that can come with. There is no obligation to allow them to bring other guests, but it can make the photos look more authentic if they bring a photographer with them.

  1. “What if they don’t post what they were supposed to post?”

Once you have ordered content from the Influencers and they have stayed at the hotel, the Influencers will upload their content and submit a Job Completion Request. You can then review the Influencer’s work.  But until a venue has approved their work, Influencers will not be paid by Swayy. This gives venues control and assurance of the quality of the images they have ordered.

  1. “How can we voice our experience about working with an Influencer?”

After the Job is completed, venues will be asked to review the Influencer just like Airbnb. There is an overall rating of 1-5*, but it generally looks like this:

If the average score of an Influencer drops below a certain level Swayy is automatically notified. We will then interview Influencers and remove any Influencers who are not performing as they should. This gives the assurance that any under-performing and non-performing Influencers will be excluded from Swayy’s pool of vetted Influencers.

Swayy’s prices

Swayy’s hotel Instagram marketing offers two types of subscription packages for venues to choose from. Additionally, the Agency package is fully customisable and gives you maximum control over Influencers in terms of what they should and should not be focusing on in the content they produce.

Prices are per photo/video/Boomerang in credits.   Swayy operates a credit system where 1 credit = 1 GBP.

While Swayy’s Instagram Influencer Marketing packages are designed to match the needs of venues, if you desire to really gain brand exposure, our Agency package is the best.

Some of the other key benefits of Swayy’s Agency Package include:

  • Most hyper-relevant Influencers can be approached on a venue’s behalf
  • Assistance is offered on Instagram content strategy
  • Instagram scheduling and analytics support
  • And most significantly, assistance with unique tracking links, so leisure venues can track the number of bookings as a direct result of an Influencer campaign. Furthermore, this can provide hotels with metrics that give great insight and maximum returns on their hotel marketing strategies. For more information on what you get try Swayy Packages.

Why Swayy?

Swayy is the first Leisure Hotel Influencer Marketing booking website of its kind in social media for travel and leisure. It is created by individuals who have years of real-time experience in the Leisure Hotel industry.  Swayy is committed to helping hotels worldwide, including those of small to medium capacity.  This helps venues who were priced out of markets by levelling the field.  Swayy focuses only on the leisure industry and helps venues easily compete with larger brands without over-the-top costs. You can learn more at “Why Swayy?”. With Swayy small and mid-sized leisure hotels have an inroad to hotel social media marketing which will give them global reach to the new millennial digital generation.


Contact Swayy today and our team members will help you get started! Are you an Influencer? Or would you like to be an Influencer? Find out how to become part of the Swayy Influencer Team.


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