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So you’ve decided to use Swayy. You want an Influencer and you want to develop an Influencer marketing campaign. The next step is planning HOW to use it most effectively to ensure you get the most value from it. To do this you must first devise your strategy. What is/are your goal(s)?

  1. Filling your venue in quiet periods (i.e. increase occupancy and turnover)?
  2. Boosting your venue’s credibility?
  3. Generating buzz about your venue/brand awareness?
  4. Grow market share?
  5. Launch new services?
  6. Target new customers (specific types/demographics)?
  7. Enhance customer relationships?
  8. Improve internal communications?

You should then create a Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time based plan.

E.g. Grow sales by 10% in 2 months by using 30 local Influencers who are food bloggers.

This example is specific. You can measure sales and there is a deadline. The amount of time needed is directly proportional to the total number of impressions your campaign has. Clearly the larger the followings of the Influencer the more likely you will meet your target quickly.

You can find out more about working with Swayy and Influencers here: Leisure Business FAQs


It is important to set achievable and realistic targets. This is a matter of trial and error. It’s easier to do this once you’ve run a few campaigns. Bare in mind this is a long-term process since it focuses on building relationships with prospective customers before they even walk through the door. The way consumers are interacting with your venue through technology is here to stay, so those who use Swayy and influencer marketing effectively will undoubtedly see significant results.

With the above in mind, you can then post an Ad (read more on types of Packages for different Ad options), and wait for the applications to come in…so now what?


A clear strategy eliminates the pitfall of booking in Influencers without knowing what purpose they should be serving. When reviewing the applications that come in, you can use your strategy as a filtering mechanism. Naturally, you don’t want to be too restricted but here is a sensible way of approaching the application process:

  1. Read your strategy
  2. Review the countries Influencers come from
  3. Consider what interests the Influencers have (i.e. how often do they go to restaurants. This will signal whether they may be a food blogger);
  4. Review the sample of images provided
  5. Make a decision about whether their style fits with your brand
  6. If you’d like to work with them, select the number of images/videos/boomerangs you’d like to order


Swayy offers a variety of key metrics to help Leisure Businesses navigate the Influencer Marketing minefield and choose the right Influencers once they’ve applied:

  • Identification of fake followers – to ensure you are only paying for Influencers with real followings
  • Verification that the person you think you’re working with owns the Instagram account to reduce the risk of fraud
  • SwayyScore system which comprises of both quantitative and qualitative evaluation of Influencer’s Leisure Expertise and credibility. Every Influencer on Swayy is scored so you can compare them.
  • Engagement Rates – to evaluate how effective Influencers are at building relationships with their followers
    • Likes Engagement Rate
    • Comments Engagement Rate
  • Reach – the number of potential customers the Influencer can reach
  • Relevance – which countries they are from signals where their followers are likely to come from
  • Feedback Score – how other Leisure Businesses rated working with each Influencer

All of these metrics help you in the decision-making process so you can make an informed decision about who is best to spread the word about your venue.

Learn more: “Why Swayy?”


Since you’ve already identified “who” you want to work with, a few more things need to be considered:

Be generous in what you’re offering Influencers. After all, the better their experience with you, the more passionate, authentic and genuine their promotion of your venue is going to sound. This will improve results. It will also help develop the relationship and that relationship will be extended to your new customers.

  • Keep in mind that 84% of worldwide consumers are influenced by the reviews and recommendations of peers above all other forms
  • The higher the score, the better!

Following these guidelines will connect you to the people who are in touch with your customers. Then you can begin to build an entirely new marketing campaign that involves people connecting with people and your venue will be in the centre of it all!

So now you have a plan….let’s begin!!

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