How to Upload Influencer Content on Swayy

Uploading Influencer Content onto Swayy

Once you’re on site visiting the property, you will start generating content in line with the requirements set out in the listing. You should, of course, follow what you and the business have agreed together as closely as possible.

Here is how you should upload your content thereafter:

1. Always check that the content you make is in line with the requirements set out in the listing.

This means checking the “Dos” and “Don’ts” again upon arrival to make sure they haven’t changed. Go over your agreement with the venue to remind yourself of any specific deliverables that the two of you agreed upon. Try to produce the best content that you can within the businesses guidelines. The better your content, the more highly they will rate you in the feedback stage. Once you’re happy that you have done everything correctly, you can move on to the second stage.

2. Go to Booking History.


3. Click on the pink “Job Completion Request” button.

4. Upload all the links to the content you have generated.

This means uploading all the links to the content you have shared across all your channels (e.g. Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, your own blog, etc.). Try to do so as neatly and clearly as possible and include everything you have made for the business.

5. Submit your content.

Submit your work after making sure it’s all up to scratch and adheres to the business’s guidelines.

6. Wait for the property to review your work.

Swayy chat will notify you when the property has either approved or asked for changes regarding your uploaded content.

Why is following these steps important?

Following these steps will:

a) Save you significant time by minimising the questions you receive from properties about what you’ve generated. The more thoroughly you make your Job Completion Request submission, the happier you will both be.

b) Mean less hassle for you. If a venue doesn’t have to wait or chase you for anything, it means your content can get approved faster.

c) Significantly increase the likelihood of you getting a 5-star feedback which is a key factor venues consider when deciding whether or not to work with you.

Here’s what a completed content upload should look like:


For the final step in the process, see our Blog post on How to Provide Feedback…

Good luck!


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