Why Venues Should Accept or Reject Influencer Applications

Influencer Applications

Once you post a listing on Swayy, it won’t take long for the applications to start rolling in. The question is, how should you choose which applications to approve and which to reject? A venue has two primary options:

  1. If nothing satisfactory has come up yet, venues should keep waiting for applications. OR
  2. Venues should filter through the applications they do have and accept, reject or ask the influencers for more information.

After making this decision, venues should start accepting or rejecting influencer applications. Here are our simple guidelines for making the best choices when it comes to this.

What you shouldn’t do:

  1. Don’t ignore influencers, even if you’re not interested in working with them. Even though the influencer isn’t a great fit right now, you shouldn’t ruin any future potential for a partnership with them.
  2. Don’t give influencers a definitive yes or no in response to their application if you are still considering other applications. Just like any businessperson, influencers have busy schedules and need definitive answers for their applications as soon as possible.
  3. Ask for information that they have already provided. This shows that you haven’t taken the time to view their profile and isn’t a good start to any business/influencer relationship.

What you should do:

  1. Reply to an influencer’s application as promptly as possible. Swayy’s recommendation would be 5 working days, even if you can only provide them with a holding message. For example, “we are not sure about our availability in 6 months time, but please reach out to us 8 weeks before the collaboration date and we’ll pick up the conversation on Swayy chat” would be a great holding message.
  2. Make sure that you have all the information you want from the influencer before making a decision. Don’t be afraid to ask for more information on Swayy chat, including the options for extra deliverables.
  3. Ensure that all of the details you and the influencer have discussed are clear. Any variations to either set of terms should be set out and recorded in the “Formalised Agreement” tab on Swayy. This is particularly important when it comes to the details for the advertisement content or the dates set, all of which will be discussed on Swayy chat.

This can be found on the messages page:

The listing details should be laid out as such:

The logic behind these basic guidelines can be easily explained:

  1. If you don’t reply to influencers, they are unlikely to forget it. If any potential partnerships come up in the future, they might avoid your business because of their previous experience.
  2. Influencers have shown an interest in your property, so it is only appropriate to respect them in the same measure.
  3. A rejection means you are unable to accommodate them on the dates they have applied for. Keeping communication clear will maintain the relationship moving forward so that you can still work with them in the future.

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By Angharad Miller


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