What is Hotel Social Media Marketing?

Technology or rather, social media has changed the way travel is influenced. Hotels looking to increase their online visibility and engage customers have adopted social media as a marketing channel. How effectively hotels manage their online presence is based on where their customers are present and/or which channel shows positive results.

Many of our decisions related to travelling are influenced by someone in our social network. Today, most millennials are social media users who like to share their travel experiences online (Source: Forbes contributor). 

Some of the most popular social media channels are Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, Snapchat and Instagram. Each social network has different features and usage. It is in the best interest of hotels to connect with their online customers and the online travel community. By using social media hotels gain a better understanding of different demographics they can cater to while staying up to date on the current trends. They also take huge advantage of an opportunity to build a positive online image and connect with audiences in real time. 

Is Social Media and Influencer Marketing the same?

Influencer Marketing is a by-product of social media. Social media has laid the groundwork for people who are passionate in their fields to rise above others and garner a popularity status. A clear winner for hotels is Instagram.

Instagram, a photo sharing app, has grabbed the attention of many hotels as an innovative route to market its value proposition and amenities. Check out our blog on ‘Hotel Instagram Pics that can cause your popularity to soar’ .

In short, it’s the frequent travellers or travel Influencers that are in demand. They have the skills to provide an interesting element to the otherwise monotonous tourist snaps found in brochures. We at Swayy hope to empower hotels by connecting them to these Influencers and ensuring a smooth and stress free collaboration experience.

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