Why a Drone Might be Worth the Investment

Being an influencer is becoming increasingly competitive. As a result, it is now more vital than ever for travel influencers to stand out from the crowd. More importantly, failing to keep up with social media trends is harmful to any budding travel influencer’s career. And currently, one of the best ways to both keep up and stay ahead is the ownership of a drone.

Drones: The Next Vital Accessory 

Recent years have seen drones become more available to the mass market. They have since shot up in popularity. The content they create is undoubtedly incredible, and they offer a brand new perspective for both photos and videos.

The significant factor driving drones to the mass market is the fact that they have become affordable. Many models are now a similar price to today’s smartphones. For example, you can buy a DJI Mavic Air for just £698. When considering the high-quality footage produced by a drone, this has the potential to be a valuable investment.

Additionally, apps and online tutorials are widely available to teach drone-owners how to edit their footage. It is now possible for travel influencers to become drone pros from the comfort of their home.

Travel Influencers Are Reaching New Heights

Travel influencers are small fish in a large and overcrowded pond. Posting to Instagram for a living sounds very appealing, and as a result, more and more people are attempting to join the industry. However, being successful is far from easy. Not only must you stand out from the crowd, but you must also keep up shifting trends and advancing technology.

That said, owning a drone is more than just jumping on a bandwagon. It will increase your value as an influencer. Firstly, the creation of more interesting content will attract a larger following and more traffic to your social media pages. Secondly, during collaborations, you will be able to create much higher quality posts. Both of these factors are great incentives for companies searching for the perfect travel influencers to work with.

The Digital Video Takeover

Cisco predicts that video will be responsible for about 90% of internet traffic by 2019. On top of this, the amount of time people spending watching digital videos increases by 25% each year. These are incredible statistics, and ones which should capture the attention of both budding travel influencers and hotel marketing managers.

Social media is a fantastic way to access and upload your digital videos. Marketing managers are becoming increasingly aware of this. 71% of brands will increase their spending in social media marketing (SMM) in 2018. Additionally, 62% of advertisers will focus on short videos/live streams for their SMM.

This is a huge increase from 2017 and is an indicator to travel influencers as to what businesses are currently after in their advertising. With video set to play a large role in SMM, it is important influencers find the best way to capture the essence of the hotel or leisure business they are working with. Currently, one of the best way to achieve this is with a drone.


From a Hotel’s Perspective

As a hotel, it makes sense to work with travel influencers who own drones. When marketing a hotel, it is just as important to show off the location as well as the hotel itself. After all, the location is likely to be the main incentive of travellers considering visiting your venue.

Of course, influencers should still take pictures of your venue that show off the interior features. However, drones work well to show off the area using both photos and videos. They capture unique angles and provide a different perspective for potential customers. With a video, a person can gage a real sense of the place they are interested in visiting. Most importantly, drone footage looks professional and slick.

Travel influencers creating short films using drone footage captures the same feeling of professionalism as a television advert. However, on top of this, it is being directed at your target market for only a fraction of the cost.

How Swayy Can Help You 

Swayy works to help both travel influencers and hotels. It provides a service that links hotels and leisure businesses with the most authentic and genuine travel influencers. Swayy’s influencer software pre-vets all accounts for quality control and automatically blacklists those with fake followers.

After signing up, brands have access to an exclusive database of influencers. When posting an advert looking for influencers to collaborate with, brands have the opportunity to specify their requirements. Here, they could take the chance to say that they want to work with someone who can produce drone footage of their hotel.

For travel influencers, being able to create drone footage makes you more appealing to hotels. A one-time investment in purchasing a drone could lead to higher profit from the videos and photos that you post for hotels. You become more valuable as an influencer.

Of course, it is still important to post photographs of the interior aspects of the hotel. However, video and drone footage creates variety in your content. It works well to capture the hotel’s location and its overall essence. At the end of the day, an influencer’s main appeal is their ability to create authentic adverts that capture the experience you have with a hotel.


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By Amelia de Normann


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