Women Killing it at Influencer Marketing

Considering it is currently Women’s History Month (Friday 1st March – Sunday 31st March 2019), it is pretty fitting that we shine a spotlight on the women who are killing it in influencer marketing. This is one emerging industry where women are dominating the scene. Women deserve more recognition and, here at Swayy, we are taking the opportunity to celebrate and highlight the contributions and visionary work of women in the contemporary society of influencer marketing.

How women are governing influencer marketing

Women are seemingly ahead of the pack when it comes to influencer marketing. Based on influencer strategy research, women are four times more likely to be cast as influencers in campaigns than men. This could be down to women being a lot more open on social media; they are willing to share personal stories and information, creating the ultimate connection with their followers. Audiences love to engage with resonating content. Therefore, there is a greater chance for authentic and personal relationships to form with female influencers as they voluntarily offer more vulnerability. This ability to connect meaningfully with an online audience is now a line of work that wasn’t necessarily available 10 years ago.

If you were to look at the gender breakdowns across different social media platforms, you can visibly see for yourself that women are far more active and engaged than men. You could say the proof is in the pudding! It has been found that 86% of women look online and consult social media before making a purchase. They lean on the much-loved, trusted opinions of influencers. In addition, as women tend to use more products than men in their day-to-day routine, this is an area where there is strong interest in following women who can test out and review products online. This is what makes female influencers particularly successful assets to influencer marketing, as they drive further purchases in the skincare, beauty and haircare fields, for example, whilst acting as true representatives of the brands that they promote.

Females here at Swayy

The majority of our Swayy influencers are female and their level of quality and professionalism when collaborating with them has been second to none. Whilst these women are not influencers, here is a round up of women that we’ve interviewed for our Executive Interview Series:

Melody Siagian
Siagian is the Director of Marketing and Communications at The Trans Resort Bali and has six years of experience in the hospitality industry. She values influencers as they have increased the brand awareness, reach and engagement. The Trans Resort will be consistently undertaking more and more influencer collaborations. Click here to read the full interview.

Sara Sanders
Sanders is the General Manager at Puri Mas Boutique Resorts and Spa in Lombok, an Indonesian island. She has 14 years of experience in the luxury hotel industry, so she has exceptional knowledge of the market. She feels that the biggest challenge to influencer marketing is finding the right influencers to collaborate with. This is exactly why Swayy was created! Click here to read the full interview.

Dolores Semeraro
Semeraro is the former Director of Marketing & PR at Lux* Resorts & Hotels in the Maldives. In 2016, she founded her own company, Travels & Retreats. She has gained extensive knowledge of this rapidly changing and ever-growing world of leisure over the last 10 years. She believes that most hoteliers are not taking full advantage of the powerful marketing tools that are available. Click here to read the full interview.

Annalisa Maestri
Maestri has been the Global Communications Manager at Dorchester Collection since 2016. She has contributed to the communications strategy for the company and all Dorchester Collection hotels worldwide. She declared as much as 50% of all their communication efforts are dedicated to working with content creators. Click here to read the full interview.

Jennifer Zajac
Zajac is the ex-Digital Marketing Manager at Hyatt, EMEA. She is an industry expert and has experience in defining digital and influencer strategies for hotels. She utilises influencers and bloggers for an increased online presence. Zajac states that using influencer marketing for brand awareness is generally the best approach as it gains the highest amount of satisfaction. Click here to read the full interview.

The Altitude Summit

If you are looking for an upcoming leading business conference for hundreds of female speakers who work in the influencer marketing sphere, then look no further. The Altitude Summit isn’t like your average women’s forum; the experience is intended to empower women. It is targeted at creative, innovative influencers and entrepreneurs, offering opportunities to collaborate, explore, investigate and learn together in a supportive and uplifting community. It welcomes people from a variety of content-creative platforms, such as Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube users, as well as bloggers, designers and shop owners.

Since Alt Summit was founded in 2009, there have been 15 major events, as well as numerous online conventions. This year’s celebratory conference, named Alt Oasis, will mark 10 years and will take place at Parker Palm Springs Hotel in California from Sunday 24th – Friday 29th March 2019. It is expected that 2000+ people will attend over 6 days of content, and 85% of previous attendees have returned more than once.

The unique experience has received plentiful positive reviews. Jaclynn Shweky of Set to Celebrate commented, “Not only did I learn more than I ever anticipated, I have never been in the company of such a dynamic group of women, all there to meet and collaborate.” Attendees love the tone of the conference and its cooperative environment, where knowledge is direct, unreserved and easily accessible.

Influencer marketing and social media have both evolved into something monumental with endless potential. It is important for us to acknowledge that women are undeniably leading an industry that is a multi-billion-pound business. Their contributions around the world show how far women have advanced in terms of equality and how their role in influencer marketing is continuing to thrive.

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